Points 2 Shop- Scam or Good Idea?

Points 2 Shop is website that offers cash or products when you take their surveys. You can opt for any products on Amazon or choose to get paid cash through Paypal or Payza. In this review I want to show you how it works and you can decide if this is right for you or if you may be interested in learning more.

Name: Points 2 Shop

Website: points2shop.com

Price: Free

Owners: Mat aka:Matjong and Janna aka:Littlerose

Overall Rating: 60/100

Requirements to Join: Must be 18 or have parental permission at age 13.

points 2shop


What is Points 2 Shop?

Points 2 show is probalby the largest online rewards program that is totally free to join. Here you can earn points or cash by playing games, or watching a video, or just shopping and so much more. And you can even do this while you are on the go with their mobile app. You have the opportunity to redeem the points you earn on the Points 2 Shop website. Or you can withdraw your cash online. This site looks like it could be fun to earn some great rewards including things like an Xbox 360 and etc. Look below to see what one member had gotten for his reward.

points 2 shop testimonial

Not too bad I would say for a site that costs you nothing to join.

How Does Points 2 Shop Work?

It’s really pretty simple you will be asked to take surveys or accept offer for cash or reward points. The cash you make can be turned into points but you cannot turn points into cash.

You can do as many offers or surveys or whatever the task may be as you want everyday. The earning potential is pretty good at Points 2 Shop.points 2 shop spend

After you have earned enough points you may purchase any item on Amazon that your points will cover.For example if a PS4 is 10,000 points and you have 10,500 you have enough to get it, with no cash involved at all. Pretty cool huh?

Does Points 2 Shop Have a Support System?

Points 2 Shop does have a variety of ways to get support, from live chat to support ticket submission. The live is pretty cool and you even get your personal mentor when you join. Live chat is a great way to get to know other members and trade your experiences online.points 2 shop live help

What makes Points 2 Shop so Different?

  • First You can redeem your points earned at anytime for anything on Amazon.
  • You Do Not have to order the item yourself, Points 2 Click does it for you.
  • It has cash advertisers that you will not see on any other site.
  • All Shipping is Free and is shipped daily.
  • They have the highest payouts of any other websites.
  • You get 250 points just for signing up.
  • There is 3 Referral level for members in the U.S. These are 15%, 3%, 2%.
  • You can get up to a $1.00 for every American or U.K. member you refer.
  • The “shoutbox” and IM support is fast and very friendly.
  • You get all of the above and more for FREE!!!

points 2 shop live chat

Is Points 2 Shop Really Free?

You do not a credit card to join Points 2 Shop, however some of the advertisers or offers you get may require credit card info when you are accepting them.  That being said there are several free offers that you can earn points with. As far as points 2 Shop goes it is completely free and you could possibly get anything you want from Amazon.com without ever costing you a dime.

What are the Pros of Points 2 Shop?

  • The first pro has to be that it is FREE!!!
  • Redeem your points for Amazon products.
  • Easy to join and use.
  • Good Support system

What are the Cons of Points 2 Shop?

  • Can not turn points in cash.

Points 2 Shop Testimonial That I Solicited

The following is a solicited testimonial I had gotten from one member, read it and decide for your self if this is something that interests you.

P2s is a great rewards website where you can get anything you want for free. There’s great people who are always willing to help and earning points is simple and easy. From doing offers and surveys to playing games and referring others. You wont find a better rewards website out there. Especially not one as simple and straight forward as this. Personally I’ve earned over $100 on this site and I love it. There’s other users who have earned in the thousands and are still at it! So why don’t you come on down and try it out? Use the following link to get to the site, it will allow for you to be setup with a helper and some extra points.

The Final Verdict on Points 2 Shop

I think this a great site for getting things from Amazon.com that you may not be able to afford otherwise. The site is fun and easy to use. The Shoutbox keeps things lively on the site as well as being a good support tool for the members. So I say why not join Points 2 Shop today it’s FREE!!!

If you are interested in joining Points 2 Shop click the banner above and start earning points.