7 Dollar Club-Is it Worth the Risk?

This is a website that I just saw advertised on Facebook and I thought it would be worth a look see so to speak. So I will attempt to do a fair review of it and see if it is a scam or it could be worth the risk. 

Website: www.7dollarclub.com

System type: 4 X 4 matrix

Price: $7.00 to start

Owner: Rohit Seth

Business License: No

Status: SCAM!

Privacy Policy: None that I could see.

How does the 7 dollar club work?

The 7 dollar club is a 4 X 4 matrix that is to say it is a MLM scheme. When you sign up you start at level 1 and you can purchase the next higher level at any time. You must refer 4 people and then your matrix will be complete. The commission rate is 100% for each referral that signs up under you. It seems easy enough, I am however still a little skeptical as to the validity of this site. This whole thing could be just another scam.

What payment processors does the 7 dollar club use?

The 7 dollar club uses a variety of payment processors these are as follows: Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney,PayPal and EgoPay. These are used to make or accept payments from other members.

How does a member get paid from the 7 dollar club?

The 7 Dollar Club uses a member to member payment system. That means when you refer a person you will receive your payment directly from the member you referred. That being said it almost sounds like this could be an illegal pyramid scheme. I decided to join this and find out for myself if this was a scam or if it really worked. So far I haven’t seen a penny yet but it really hasn’t been a very long time since I joined.


How many people can I refer to the 7 dollar club?

You can refer as many people as you like to the 7 dollar club and they will all go into your matrix and may create what is called a spillover. A spillover is when you have more than 4 people under you and then the others you have referred will be picked up by another member but you will still receive commission from them. At least that’s the way I understand it.

What product packages are there with the 7 dollar club?

There are literally thousands of product for you to choose from to promote as well, these vary as to how many you have access to depending on your level in the system. I am a little suspicious of things like this because they general do not sell and the only people making money on things like this is the owner of the website. Below is just what is available to a few levels of the 7 dollar club, there are many more.

7-dollar-club products

Can a member have more than just one account?

Unfortunately you can only have one membership per person. But there really is no need to have more than that if in fact the 7 dollar club pays as much as they say they do.(I have my doubts)

Is my money refundable?

The 7 dollar club does not have a refund policy as they do not handle the money at all. This is a member to member pay system so the money never goes to the 7 dollar club. Except for the upsells that is where the money does go to them but still there will not refund your money.

What is my advice on the 7 dollar club?

My advice on the 7 dollar club is to proceed with caution! This may very well be a scam and the very least it is a pyramid scheme (not sure if its legal or not). If you do decide to give it a try the most you will lose is $7 which I’m sure you have lost more than that at a casino or poker game or anything else that is risky.

I am with holding judgement at this time about the 7 dollar club but please check back later for any updates I may have or maybe if anyone that has experience with this site please leave your comments below , I would appreciate any more info I can get!!!


I just looked at my stats on this site and nothing has changed so I am guessing when you send your 7 dollars it goes to the owner and thats it!!! He pockets it and you get nothing!!!! So this is in my estimation a huge SCAM!!!

Cheers, Jim