6 thoughts on “7 Dollar Club-Is it Worth the Risk?”

  • charles

    Update, please. Did you ever see any $ back to you from this?

  • jimr

    Nope I am guessing this is a scam.

  • I have actually completed level 1 with the 7 Dollar Club!

  • kuehls

    I have worked this program it is NOT a scam! People that say it is does had obviously not worked it. 1.) You need to actually WORK, It’s not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, 2.) Know what Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi Scam is ( A pyramid scheme or Ponzi scam is illegal, it is when a company doesn’t offer you a Product or Service in return). The 7Dollar Club does offer you Advertising Rights, where you can advertise any business and also it does have downloadable E-books that you actually get the Resell rights to. If you have a team,, this is a great real legit business to get into for a very small investment! It is very lucrative, fun, and exciting when ran correctly! I do have proof I’ve made money from this, I can also show you where it offer’s the products and services that it does offer. Please please do not let IGNORANT people keep you from this LEGIT business!!! Look me up on Facebook if you would like to be part of a awesome Team that’ll help you build – Sarah Kuehl, i will get you all my proof as well!!!

  • admin

    Thanks for your comment. I sent in $7 and never got a damn thing in return!!! So as far as I am concerned this is scam!!!

  • Some people are saying they paid their $7 and got nothing back in return… this isn’t some kind of magical money machine – you get paid by those you refer, so if you don’t refer anyone you won’t make any money.

    This is a legitimate income system which means you have to do some WORK. If you’re just looking for something where you pay in a few dollars and get thousands in return for doing NOTHING then you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. NEWSFLASH: Just because a business opportunity requires you to put in some work doesn’t make it a scam!

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