19 thoughts on “Aim BTC- Investment Scam?”

  • Jake Holly

    I have coins invested here and expect to break even this weekend. Minimum investment is small enough to acquire by working faucets (which I did). Plan is to start compounding to increase the deposit over time while still collecting when I reach the minimum withdrawal. So far, so good!

  • admin

    Sounds great Jake Thanks for the info!

  • I made withdrawal on the 23rd of November and up till now i have not been credited and one other thing is that the hash code used in transferring to my wallet is not real. For now am waiting on their feedback which they have done nothing about for two days now, no response on any actions

  • admin

    Keep me informed.

  • Cebsile

    It seems it’s not paying anymore or if better than that a technical glitch. Withdrawal screen just white hence can’t withdraw.

  • Matty

    Officially not paying today… Tried making withdrawals this morning but a blank page keeps popping. I’ve been scammed

  • miloud

    depuis hier aimbtc est devenu scam……

  • miloud

    aimbtc est devenu un scam depuis ce matin

  • camelia

    I have tried to make a withdrawal but couldn’t, Then I have tried to get my investment back, but also didn’t worked. I have no active deposit anymore, but everything is now in my account balance.
    I have sent a message to the customer support but haven’t heard anything yet.
    Im afraid they are a scam, luckly I didn’t invest that much money.

  • admin

    Thanks for the info I will adjust my review.

  • Jake Holly

    I withdrew the final payment on the initial investment last night. Program is now self-financing for me (as long as it hasn’t gone scam).

    I will note that when I requested my withdrawal I got a new notice that stated there was a problem with the network that should be resolved in about two hours. Checked back later and found that my transaction had been processed.

    I hope these issues get resolved. Hopefully it’s just a technical glitch.

  • I try to make withdrawal yesterday (28 Nov 2016), but couldn’t. I try whole day still same problem.

    I hope network or gateway problem.

  • Beejay

    Obviously the are a scam, withdrawal page is blank

  • Look like aimbtc is a SCAM, if this poeple should free then
    We all trust them that is why we invest in a UK registered comapny.

  • Jake Holly

    Today I decided to test against the claims of issues with AIMBTC, and indeed it does appear that there is an issue with withdrawal. Selecting “Withdrawal Request” brings up a blank white screen. I did send a message. Any results will be reported. In the meantime, consider this further confirmation that this site has gone scam.


    just got the info I quickly tried it out and it’s not paying…let’s just watch and see, maybe they are working on the system. #aimbtc scam loading 69%.

  • david

    This site just started recently and has only bee running for 1 day. There are flexible plans and once your plan is over, you receive your profit plus your initial principal, Highly recommend jump at this site while its new and pull out when you hit your financial goal. Already made 3$ and you can too with this site.

  • Charles

    I have tried to withdraw a token amount to see if it pays. It does not! The “request for withdrawl ” screen is blank. I have commented to them for 3 days requesting information, with no response. It appears that it is indeed a huge scam. Shame on these kind of people. Arrest them! DO NOT INVEST this this company or any other company these people represent.

  • Timi

    Wow. And there I was th aimbtc was different. A UK registered company. S with cryptoshare. God help us

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