Ali Express Portals Affiliate Program-A good program for you?


Cost: Free

Products: Almost everything

Commissions: 3-6% Sometimes as high as 50%

Rating: 70/100

What is the Ali Express Portals Affiliate Program?

Ali Express has a good platform for affiliate marketing, this program is also known as the portals affiliate program. Once you have signed up for the affiliate marketing program which by the way is completely FREE.  You will have access to banners and links and to the several sellers that are on Ali Express. These links and banners can be placed on your blog, website, or any social media account you may have.


What kind of support does Ali Express have?

Ali Express offers banners, links and even API, data feeds and themed promotions. To sign up for this program you can click here and go to the Ad center to see what support that they have to offer.


Where can I place links to promote Ali Express products?

  1. You can share your links with others in online chat rooms or in a private chat with one of your friends.
  2. If you have a personal blog you can also put some banners right on your site much like I have put on the sidebar of this site.
  3. Sometimes forums can be a great place to place links if you can find one that has something to do with the product you are promoting.
  4. Maybe you have a website: you can have a shopping guide set up just for Ali Express products including the links and banners that you have access to.
  5. And last but certainly not least you can send your links through email and private chats on Facebook. Google plus is also a good social site to use. They have communities that allow you to promote your products without any problems.

What are some of the marketing methods that are acceptable?

I am going to let the image below explain what marketing methods are acceptable:


When do I get paid and how do I get paid?

The way this system is setup is that when a buyer makes a purchase from Ali Express website that data will be sent to the system. Once the order is completed and the customer is satisfied with their purchase then the affiliate will be paid within 60 days of the original purchase date. They only use international bank transfers for payment and the withdraw threshold is $16.00.

What kind of payment methods are supported?

This came as a surprise to me, Ali Express only accepts international bank transfers as payment for the products on their site and as payment to affiliates.

How long does the cookie tracking period last?

The tracking cookie that Ali Express uses last 30 days after visiting the website with your affiliate link. That means if that customer returns to the website and makes a purchase within that 30 days you will get the credit for that purchase.

My final thoughts on Ali Express.

This looks a fairly good affiliate program, but there is a couple things that I do not like.

First there is a $15 fee for withdrawing money. So you better make sure you have a fairly high balance to withdraw to make it worth it.

Second I am quite sure the reason for the $15 fee s because they use International bank transfers as payment, and that is the only way to get paid. NO paypal, payza, or payeer I am not a big fan of bank transfers that cost me $15.

What I do like is the fact that they have a whole boatload of products to promote so it shouldn’t be hard find one that sells real well.

Well that’s my take on Ali Express I hope this helps you decide if this right for you. Let me know how you do with it if you should decide to join this program.

Cheers, Jim

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