47 thoughts on “Amazing 5 Limited – Legit or Another HYIP Scam?”

  • Thanks for your honest review.
    Your site looks nice and clean.
    I joined this already and was looking for anything regarding paying with payza.
    It was good to learn that one can make money without investing.
    I will try this HYIP out and see what’s like.
    I’ll be visiting your site form time to time to learn more about other legit schemes.

  • admin

    Thanks for stopping by. Please let us know how things go for you with Amazing 5. I am always looking for feedback from current members of these sites.

  • Hi I am in my second month with Amazing5 and am earning around $700 a month. Obviusly the interests I earn I am re-investing and by December I should have 3698 per 10 days, although my target was 1200 per 10 days which is enough for me

  • admin

    Thats great news!!!! I just made a small investment today!!!

  • Hi Jim
    My 10 day investment matured today but I cose to reinvest in another 10 day. I;’ve got a smaller amount in the 5% daily and reinvesting the interest.
    I will keep you posted!

  • admin

    Thanks for your update!!!! Happy to hear that this is going good for you.

  • Hostile177

    I’m in but no plan on reinvesting since that is typically the best way to lose money.
    I plan to take each 10 profit on $100 and roll it over to MPA.
    MPA is the only Revshare I know that has made good on all promises when the SHTF with Paypal.

    I need to see more than a slick website to put my trust and money on the line after the Poker Automatics fiasco.

  • admin

    I was in MPA but after the Paypal thing I got out and got my money back. I have not went back to any other revshare since. Not a huge fan of them. Thanks for the comment

  • admin

    Thanks for the info!!!

  • Zuzana Novotna

    Hi, how is it possible to get commission without investment?? thank you

  • admin

    That is easy you just have use your affiliate link and promote the website and get commissions when someone signs up and makes a deposit.

  • So, how do I invest without using my own money? sounds too good to be true.

  • admin

    Easily just sign up for free and use your affiliate link that they provide to you and promote the website. Then take your commissions and reinvest them with Amazing 5. No money out of your pocket.

  • Ali

    I’ve just withdrawn $340 and received it within 3 minutes. There is absolutely no withdrawal problems!

  • admin

    Ok I got bad info thanks

  • Grace

    Hi Ali,
    Is it the first time that you withdraw that money? The first time was alright, I got the money in minutes.
    But now I’m trying to withdraw the second time, but when i come to the payment option to insert the currency that is not working for me, thus I can not go further to withdraw any money.
    Have somebody have the same problem? And support is not answering me.

  • admin

    I have withdawn several times without a problem including yesterday. I can’t say what is happening with your account.

  • Marwan

    I have just saw the website. I am confused. Mixed experiences here. Should I try it for the first time? What you suggest guys?

  • admin

    All I can say is that I have not had a problem getting paid from them yet. In fact I just withdrew 47.00 yesterday and had it in my wallet within an hour.

  • Hi Guys

    Although I don’t think that Amazing5 is scamming at the moment.

    However please open your eyes and look at this from another perspective.

    Amazing5 claims to be a UK registered company dealing in Investment Management.

    Investment Management is a REGULATED ACTIVITY in the UK.

    As such an investment company MUST be registered and hence regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    The $64,000 question should actually be this…

    What is Amazing5’s FCA Registration Number so we can verify them?

    It is easy to spend £20 online and register a UK Company. It is more difficult to get the FCA to approve you!


  • admin

    I know there are scam sites that look just like Amazon5.net and they are scams. I am expecting this site to turn to a scam eventually but until then I will not call it it a scam.

  • ntung

    i have succesfully jion amazing 5 and i know is legit and is going to change my life. but can u please give me other investment sites similar to amazing 5 that i can invest

  • OutOfMatrix

    Hey! Has anyone invested like $10 000 to amazing5? My friend but a little amount and it’s working. At least right now. I would invest over 10 000 euros but want to hear more experiences. Is here somebody who has also incested something like that(bigger amount I would say)?
    What is HYIP? And what are the sites that have also offered something like amazing5? How long these sites worked?
    Thank you!

  • admin

    I have not heard anyone investing that much into Amazing 5. I am not sure if that would be a good idea. This is a HYIP and may not be around very long. You can read about HYIPs here.

  • Svan99

    OUTOFMATRIX: Dont invest 10,000$ its too risky. You should do what me and my friends are doing, you put between 500 and 1000$ max. then you reinvest your profit everyday. when you get a good incomes regularly (like for me its the 200/days), well 1 day you withdraw the profits, the second day you reinvest to keep your investement running. like that you can make an income for about 3000 to 4000 a month, depending on how much you decide to stop investing everything. That way you will get back your initial investment and all the rest will be pure profits (Enjoy! 🙂 ) and if its a scam, you wont loose anything… And when youll make money liek that, if you want, instead of withdraw every two days, you can start another site like this one with that money (wich is money you won there only, so no lost if something happen. I run with 4 sites similar. So to resume… when you got your profits runing, you withdraw 1 day, the day after you invest, etc, etc… keepin g your profit and investment running until the site disapear (if it does).. then at one point, you dont withdraw for soem time to invest in more site, liek that you dont have everything in the same place. IUt work well that way and i mak money 😉

  • matata

    Amazing5 is still paying

  • mronza

    Hi , I also tried amazing 5 this week, I invested $50 BUT I havent seen my interest in my account after 24 hour s of investment probably its still coming…

  • saabir

    Please be alert all new members thinking about joining aamazing5. Amazing 5 are not accepting new deposits. before you make a deposit be warned that it may not become a active investment. I made a transaction with bitcoin. The bitcoin sent payment has been confirmed in coinbase. However its been more than 2 days and the investment has not become active in amazing5. I have also read from the other people that they have had the same issue with payza. Also There online chat is never online and support is not responding.

  • admin

    Thanks for the update I will keep an eye on it. I just got my withdrawal it was immediate, for both bitcoin and STP. I am wondering if the deposit issue is with Payza only. Keep me informed.

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  • admin

    I have heard of this company but never had any dealings with it.

  • admin

    I am still getting commissions so they must be accepting deposits!!!

  • Belinda

    I joined this week and made 2 deposits the last obe being today and it was all updated within minutes…

  • Yes, I am in Beonpush and believe it a ligit company they are coming out with their APP and Phone pretty soon … I am up to $10 per day and moving up fast. I enjoy the fact you can see it working everyday as the re-targeting ads follow you around. A lot of green flags for this company and soon will accept bitcoins if you want the best way it to send Bitcoin to Payza than onto Beonpush does not cost any fee’s ..

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  • hummmm it seems to be a scam ,I do not see my interest for this moning.

  • admin

    I said it is a scam!

  • Akshay

    Website is gone. Website IP is down. Scam for sure.

  • Dexter

    Thanks for your review.

    You’ve referred another site that you have been using without any issue for some time now. I’ve got two questions:

    1. How long have you been apart of that program?
    2. How long has that program been operational?

  • Arlis Antonio

    Amazing5 shut down their website today! huge Scam…. they’re gone with everyone’s money!!

  • admin

    The other company is Forex paradise and I have been with them since last September and the have been around for over 2 years now. That have a good credit rating with Dunn and Bradstreet as well. You read about them by clicking here. I have already withdrawn over $1000.00 and my investment is still active until next March.

  • Gerhard Koppermann

    Leider scheint amazing5 wirklich tot zu sein!Geld futsch!

  • SS


  • ghanshyam lohani

    hi i m ghanshyam i deposit money 30$ now he say 50$ more than we withdraw your money its frode site

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