Bitcoin Doublers-A Huge Scam!

If a stranger were to walk up to you on a street corner and say to you “Give me $100.00 and I will return in 2 days with $200.00 for you” would you do it? Of course not, and that’s exactly what these so called “bitcoin doublers are doing and people are actually falling for it.

I decided to put one to the test knowing what the probable outcome would be. It was called Coinfast and sure enough I did not get paid after 48 hours. There is so many things that is just plain wrong with this type of scam I can not believe people can’t see right through it.


How did I know that Bitcoin doublers was  a scam?

If you know anything about bitcoin you would know that cloud mining bitcoin never pays that much in just 48 hours. And just looking at some of these websites they do not have much work put into them. Coinfast is a perfect example this thing looks like a scam site as soon as you see it. All they want to know is your bitcoin address so they can pay you so they say. No username, no passwords, no support the whole thing is just a damn joke and these guys need to be prosecuted.

There so many bitcoin doublers out there I could not keep track of them all. Please stay away from these programs as all they will do is take your money and you will never see any kind of return from them. There are othere ways to grow your bitcoin that I would consider safe and I have approved of.

What are some of these other programs?

Genesis Mining is a very reputable cloud mining company, I have never missed a payment from them and it should continue for the rest of my life. You can check them out by clicking below.


Zarfund is another website that has been pretty good to me. This is a peer to peer forced matrix which is    really going viral. The only required is that you promote your affiliate link and make your donation timely so that you get your money from the levels that you are eligible for.

Is there any other trusted websites?

If you’re not looking for a get rich quick scheme and something that is very legitimate I highly recommend Merchant Shares. This is not a any kind of Ponzi scheme or HYIP in fact the most you can accrue in one day is 2.25%. And there are a 4 different sectors you can invest in. I loike this company because it has been around for a long time and it is very sustainable.

What should you do now?

Well the next time you see anything that says it will double your bitcoin in 24 or 48 hours steer clear and save your money. That is one of the biggest scams on the internet today. I believe it is because of bitcoin’s value is going up almost everyday and these guys are trying to steal as much bitcoin as they can so they can cash in on it just before it halves again in about 3 years.

Feel free to try any of the things I have recommended above and I am quite sure you will make money, you may not get rich but it could be a good second income for you in the long run.