Bluebit-Another HYIP with big promises?

  • Name: Bluebit
  • Website:
  • Business Model: HYIP
  • Registration: None Found
  • Registrar: Starfield Technologies, Inc. Starfield Secure Certificate Authority – G2
  • Verdict: SCAM/PONZI

What kind of company is Bluebit?

When I first went to the Bluebit website I knew right from the start that this was a Ponzi scheme. It’s not hard to recognize these any more. I have seen plenty while writing reviews like this. This company claims to be another investment company with a very high return on investment. I have not been to find anything out about this company not even on the hyip monitors except who the registrar is for the website. The ratings link on their own website doesn’t even work.

What investment plans are offered at Bluebit?

There are 4 different plans you can invest in. The plans are just named Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D. This to me sounds a bit cheesy for an investment company.

  • Plan A- Pays 10% hourly for 12 hours
  • Plan B- Pays 6.8% hourly for 20 hours
  • Plan C- 25% for 5 hourly for 5 hours
  • Plan D- 150% after 1 day


What about the affiliate program?

This is another red flag for me. The affiliate program that Bluebit offers is a one level program and it pays 10% of your referrals deposit. 10% and up to 20% is a pretty high commission for any kind of hyip and that usually leads to a very short lived program.


What are some other red flags?

Bluebit has quite a few red flags, for one is the high return on investment. Any company that claims to pay you by the hour raises my scam radar right away. The second thing is that the website itself looks a bit cheesy to me. The work put into this website looks like a beginner from Wealthy Affiliate did it. I am guessing it is a free theme that was used to build this website. The other red flag for me was the 10% and up to 20% commissions. That is a bit high for any company to remain for any length of time.

Who manages the funds with Bluebit?

Bluebit is extremely vague when it comes to managing your funds. All they say is that they are managed by a “Bluebit Hyip investment experts”. I am not sure what that even means.

What kind of support does Bluebit have?

Bluebit has a ticket support system and from what I can tell there is no other way to contact them. I am not impressed with that kind of support system. A good reputable company should at least have 2 or more ways to get in contact with them.

What is my opinion and verdict on Bluebit?

To be honest I believe I would stay away from this particular company. There is just too many red flags and the website itself just looks a bit cheesy to me. There was not much time putting this scheme together from what I can see. I can almost guarantee that this website will not be around very long just from all things that I believe are red flags.


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