BTCino-Is it a Scam?

I was referred to BtCino by a friend of mine so I thought I would give it a try and see if it was a scam or if this one really legit. Read my review and you can decide for yourself.

  • Name: BtCino
  • Website:
  • Date Started: April 21, 2016
  • Owner: Unknown as of yet
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Registered: Yes

What is BtCino?

BtCino is a HYIP program that is a bit similar to the now defunct Pokermatics. What I mean by that is that they claim to use both forex trading and poker bots to generate profits for their members. I know when I was with Pokermatics I did make money with them, but like any other HYIP it was just gone all of a sudden and there were many people who lost money with them. I don’t know if this a real client or just another fiverr spokesperson and that really doesn’t matter as long as BtCino keeps paying.

What Investment Plans Does BtCino offer?

  • Starter Plan- From 2 -2.5% daily for 6 days. Minimum deposit $10 Maximum $2000


  • Advanced Plan – From 2.2 – 3.0% daily for 10 days. Minimum deposit $10, Maximum $5000


Professional Plan – From 2.6 -5.0% for 15 days. Minimum Deposit $1100 Maximum $10,000


 Does BtCino have a referral program?

Btcino does have a pretty good referral program. The commissions are 5% of your referrals deposits each time they deposit not just the first time. That means you can make money every time your referral makes a new deposit to his account, that plus what you are earning with your own deposit.


BtCino has a Facebook group.

There is a Facebook Group you can join if you want to find out more about this company, but it is mostly members showing their payment proofs and etc.

Is BtCino paying their members?

In fact BtCino is paying all members including me. I did a test deposit for $10 and let it run for 6 days and got my deposit plus $1.20 back without any problems at all. I have seen others on the Facebook group as well that have been paid with no trouble at all. The image below is my withdrawal I made a few days ago.


Here is my latest withdrawal as of May 26.2016, the image below is a screenshot of my withdrawal today.




What e-currencies does BtCino accept?

BtCino has 4 different e-currencies that they use, these are Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money and AdvCash. Personally I use bitcoin just because it is easier for me being in the U.S. and it also will gain value in time. Once you register your account you cannot change your setting for your chosen processor. This is pretty standard for most programs online today.


Who manages BtCino?

BtCino is part of a company that is known as Next Evolution of Economy Limited or N.E.O.E Ltd. I did a little research on them and found a fairly good credit report for this management company.


What is My Opinion of BtCino?

BtCino has gone to scam!! I was wondering when that would happen. Stay away from this site.

Verdict: SCAM!

 I would like to hear your experiences with BtCino please feel free to comment below!!