9 thoughts on “Business Angels – A Different type of HYIP”

  • gladwell

    would also like to know whether you have heard of ahyip going by the name Callisto trust inc

  • admin

    I have not but I will check into it!

  • This site is a scam. I deposited $100 worth of BTC (at the time is was trading at $640 per BTC).

    I noticed my investment only said $56. When i queried this with an agent he said :

    Creating a a deposit using Bitcoin should be noted that the platform internal rate was fixed at the level 1BTC = $ 450. Binding to this figure is informative and we use it to correctly display your deposit in US dollars. Charging occurs in the amount of BTC you invested. In the derivation of funds is reverse conversion at the same rate of $ 450 per 1 BTC.

    I was not informed of this before i made a deposit. i strongly suggest no one uses this site.

  • Sizwe Mlotshwa

    great program angels payments instant

  • Tiago O homem do dinheiro

    Faz 3 dias que não me pagam, e me falaram que o prazo seria 48 horas, já se foram 72 horas, uma empresa que demora pra pagar, eu certamente não iria investir…

  • Sizwe Mlotshwa

    The program has stopped paying its a scam do not invest anymore

  • Anonymous

    He has ceased to pay daily

  • Syed

    I invested $150.00 and my first request to withdraw $7.25 is pending for 4 days…i don’t have any idea whether they will pay me or not….Hence i would suggest to be cautious while investing there.

  • Firehawks lady

    Please do not invest in this company. They stole 50.00 dollars from me closed my account. When I tried to talk to support they said they had no account in my name after that they ignored me. Please save your money do not invest.

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