Business Angels – A Different type of HYIP

What do I mean by a different type of hyip? Business Angels has a program I have never seen with any other hyip program before. they call it a “Startup Program”. Read this review to find out more.

  • Name: Business Angels Ltd
  • Website:
  • Business model: HYIP
  • Affiliate program: Yes
  • Certified: No
  • Days Online: 141
  • Owner: Walter Brown

What is Business Angels all about?

Business Angels claims to be an investment company that uses funds to invest in new and upcoming companies and products to help other people with their products and business to expand and create more profits. I could not find any reviews on this company from any one. As you may or may not know that any type of hyip is risky and most of them end up being scams, and I do not believe Business Angels to be any different.


What does Business Angels claim?

I have seen this before with another hyip that claimed to payout daily for life and that was a scam right from the start. You can read about it by clicking here it was called Venture Alliance. First of all I highly doubt that they can 1-4% daily for life and be sustainable. And I have checked with and found that about half of them are still waiting to be paid. This is a huge red flag for me and should be for you too.


Why is there a difference with Business Angels?

The difference I mentioned is that Business Angels offers a program for those who have products or ideas that are already making money but they extra operating capital to expand or accelerate growth for their business. Business Angels claims they can help by providing loans to these people at the best possible rates. This whole thing sounds a bit fishy to me I have never seen any legitimate loan company offer to put the directly into your e-wallet. They usually will put the funds in to your business checking account or write you a check for you to make the deposit your self.


Can Business Angels be trusted?

From the things I have found I would have to say NO. There is just too many red flags for me to trust this company completely. First off they are not regulated by anyone or even registered with any company that I can see. Second the hyip monitors are waiting to be paid which is never good. Third the “Startup” loan service just seems like a loan sharking opportunity for the company. I could be wrong on all accounts but until I see more proof otherwise I cannot advise anyone to invest in this company.


More information about Business Angels.

I have found a bit more info on Business Angels. The website owner is located in London, UK but the website location is actually in Belize. The one thing I found strange is that there is a lot of Russian language on this website this could be just because most of its members are Russian but I can’t be sure. According to this site is very new and has an unknown reputation. Let’s face it, 141 days online is very new and this being a hyip that usually spells scam.


Verdict: Probable Scam/Ponzi

I have to call this a scam since I am not seeing much in the way of people getting paid and the site being so new and the small amount of traffic it receives. If you have any more information about Business Angels I would be happy to hear about it. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your experience has been with this company.