Capital 7 – Just another HYIP Scam?

What is Capital 7?

Capital 7 is probably the least known HYIP programs online. I happened to stumble upon it do a little research and found that this is one of the best HYIP’s online to date. They have been online since February 7, 2016 and it looks like it operates a little bit different than most HYIP’s that I have seen. It uses what I would call a MLM type of system to generate profits for itself and its clients.


What plans does Capital 7 offer?

There are 2 financial plans that Capital 7 offers its clients. Your principle is returned in as little as 14 days. The first plan is called the 7% daily plan. This plan pays you 7% a day for 30 days, but that means it only pays Monday through Friday. The minimum deposit is $25 and the maximum is $250,000.

What is the Second Plan that Capital 7 offers?

The second plan that Capital 7 offers is called the 110% Weekly. This plan pays 110% after 7 days. That means that your net return is 10% of your principle so if you deposited $100 you would get $110 back at the end of the 7 day period. I think the first plan is a better plan even though you have to wait for 30 days, but I thinks it would be worth the wait.


What payment processors are accepted?

Capital 7 has several different payment options available to you. Including bank wire transfers. I use bitcoin myself and that seems to work well for me. But in any case the choice is yours.


Capital 7 also offers a good affiliate program.

There are 2 types of affiliate programs offered by Capital 7. There first is the basic program which you are already in when you sign up with Capital 7. This program pays 7-10% commissions on deposits made by your referrals. There is also a program called the Master Affiliate program which pays you an additional 2% commission on every deposit made by your downline referrals and those under them. I really like this idea I am involved with another company that pays the same way and I have done very well with them. You can read more about this other company here.


Are there any red flags with Capital 7?

There are some red flags with Capital 7 and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. This first one being that this looks a lot like Carbon7 which was a program that started in 2015 and now is gone. In fact its almost identical. The second one I have noticed is the fact that the returns are high and probably sustainable for any length of time. My guess is that this is a ponzi scheme like most HYIP’s are. But if you can get in and get out quickly enough you could do well with this program. Only time will tell if this is a ponzi scheme or not, most of these types of programs are.

My conclusion on Capital 7.

I have made a small deposit of $25 with this company just to see if it really pays what it claims to pay. If it does I won’t be disappointed and if it does not I won’t be surprised. Please if you have any more information on this company please leave a comment below. I am always looking for new information on any website that I review. If you really want to know about a company that I trust 100% and has done very well for me please click here. Update Capital 7 is a bit slow to pay but I have received my commission fairly quick and I am still waiting for my first withdrawal of $8.25 they do say it can take 24 to 48 hours.

Updated Verdict

It appears that Capital 7 is indeed a SCAM. I have not received my withdrawal request after 48 hours. I would stay away from this company.