Clik Delivery – Not a Scam

This is a revshare that I am currently invested with and it seems to be going very well at this point. I will share with you what I have found with Clik Delivery.

  • Name: Clik Delivery
  • Website:
  • Launch Date: April 27,2016
  • Admin: Ilyas Noukaila


How does Clik Delivery work?

Clik Delivery works pretty much like any other revshare. You must purchase adpacks to make money. Adpacks start $5 and go up from there. After you purchase your adpacks you must surf 10 ads every 24 hours in order for your adpacks to continue earning money for you. One thing that is a bit different than a lot of revshares is that there is no repurchase rule. In other words you can withdraw all of your money once your adpacks expire or you can repurchase more if you wish.


Is the website safe?

The website appears to be safe for browsing. But I am not impressed by the way it is constructed. Some of the links do not work on the site and there is no faq page which I find to be very helpful when it comes to sites like this. The only support is a ticket system which really limits a person who is need of help. I suppose you could go their facebook group page for support which is always a good way for live support. The website itself almost looks like it’s not completed yet and that may be the case I cannot be sure.



Have I invested in Clik Delivery?

I have invested $25 in this program, that got me 5 shares and they are still active and earning a profit. All I do is surf 10 ads per day and that’s it! I also have a couple of free banner ads in the rotator, at first I did not know they had free ad credits when you purchase adpacks this was a welcome surprise. Below shows my earnings as of May 27, 2016. I am not sure how it takes for the shares to mature but it has been about 2 weeks now so I am sure it will be at least another 2 weeks before they do mature.



How does a revshare compare to a hyip program?

I know there are some people out there who do not know what the difference is between a hyip program and a revshare program so I will try to explain the difference as quickly as I can.

  1. A revshare program sells advertising space to companies and members a like and they use the money to generate income for both parties as well as themselves. There is no set time limit on how much money you get in return. Sometimes it could take months before your investment matures. Also the returns are not generally as high as a hyip program.
  2. A hyip program usually promises very high returns in a set period of time for example an investment of $100 can return 300% in 3 days or something like that. These programs sometimes start out as legit but soon end up being scams because they are usually ponzi schemes to begin with. That’s not you can’t make money with them because you can if you invest right and get out as soon as possible. I always look to see how long a hyip has been online before I make an investment with them. If it has been over a year that is a good sign.

How would I rate Clik Delivery?

I think Clik Delivery is a good revshare program and will be a good way to create passive income over time. I have had no problems with them and the support on Facebook is really good. So if you like revshares this is one that may not want to pass up.

Verdict: Legit