Commission Check Club-Big Scam or Big Scheme?

I want to examine Commission Check Club this is a site that is setup as a MLM scheme that has it’s possibilities as far as making money online goes. I can not say for sure if it works or not but I think I may give a try. After you read my review you want to join me in finding out if this scheme really works.

Name: Commission Check Club


Price: Free to join

Upsells: yes

Rating: 40/100 Owner: Kit Elliott


What is Commission Check Club all about?

Commission check club is most definitely a MLM or Pyramid scheme. When sign up for free you can begin to promote their site for free. There are banner ads you can use and banner networks available also. There is a commission check club bannersprogram that you can participate in for free called the “90 Day Money Game” the idea is for you to make money without having to invest a dime and then use that money to join what is called “Viral Commissions”.

How does Commission Check Club pay it commissions?

There are a couple of ways to make money with commission Check Club one way is to do the 90 Day Money Game and the other is to sign up for what is called the “Done-For-You” program this program as far as I can tell involves mailing postcards to people (and I mean snail mail) to generate leads and more sign ups. commission check club viral commissions When you sign up for viral commissions you will invest $25 to sign up and then you begin to build your down line. That is when you refer someone and they sign up you get $20 and when they refer someone to commission check club you get another $20 and so on. So the more people you have under you the more money you make.


What is the 90 Day Money Game at Commission Check Club?

The 90 Day Money Game is a program designed to help you make money without having to invest any money. They give you a list of tasks to achieve in 90 days and you are supposedly going to make some money within that 90 day period. I cannot say if this actually works or not but I think I am willing to give it try for free.commission check club navigation

Does Commission Check Club have a support system?

There is a fairly good support system in place they have a knowledge base that can be accessed and also you can send a message to support and they will help you any way they can.commision check club support

The knowledge base has may faq’s and most likely you will find the help you need there.

commision check club support3

What are the pro’s of Commission Check Club?

I like the fact that you have the opportunity to start to make money without investing any money, all though I think this could be a little difficult to get people to sign up. It looks the support system is a good one. And Commission Check Club is a pretty simple program to follow and the payment setup is pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

What are the Con’s of Commission Check Club?

I am not a huge fan of upsells and they have them at Commission Check Club, and I understand why, because without them the cash flow wouldn’t be there and they probably would not last long without them.

Now it’s your Decision to join or not to join Commission Check Club.

If you think this is good opportunity why not give it a try it is free to try with the 90 Day Money Game. As for myself I will be giving this a try so why not join me at Commission check Club and let’s see for ourselves if this MLM Scheme really works. Click below if you want to join me.
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