Covert Store Builder-A good Online Store Theme?

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The Covert Store Builder is a good theme for anyone who is looking to open an online store front for the first time. A friend of mine turned me on to the Covert Store Builder awhile back and I have used it ever since. There are many great things about it and I want to tell you about it in this review.

Name: Covert Store Builder


Price: $47.00

Highlight: Self Optimizing

What is the Covert Store Builder?

The Covert Store Builder is a theme that can be used on any wordpress base website. This theme is made exclusively for Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction products. The nice thing is that all you have to do is to search for the products right from your wp-admin under theme options and the theme does the rest.

covert store builder product search

I have inserted an image of my own wordpress store to show you what it looks like when you want to search for products. This shows what you are looking for when you do a search for products on the Covert Store Builder Theme. Once you’ve clicked the product search button you then just type in the keyword of the products you are looking for. for example in my case I would type in “cookware” and in just matter of seconds i have at least 20 products show up from Ebay and Amazon that I can list and put on sale on my store front.

covert store builder products


Is the Covert Store Builder easy to use?

This one of the easiest themes I have ever used. If you have any experience with wordpress you will know how to install this this theme. It installs just like any other theme for wordpress. Covert Store Builder is also self optimizing that means you don’t have to worry about keywords or posting reviews or anything like that. The reviews for the products are already included with the products.

All the products are linked back to either Amazon, Ebay or Commission Junction which ever products you have listed, and they all have your affiliate id already embedded in them. How easy can it get?

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Do I need affiliate accounts with the Covert Store Builder?

You will need to have affiliate accounts in place in or for your store to work. You will also need to get API codes from each retailer as these numbers will track your sales and your campaigns. This information has to be added to the setup of your store in wordpress.This is probably the hardest part of the whole setup of your Covert Store Builder.

Do I have to write posts with the Covert Store Builder?

This is the really nice part you do not to write reviews or anything it is all done for you when you add products to your store front. The one thing I would recommend is to add at least 40 new products a week or more if you want to this way your rankings will rise faster. Like with any other blog the more content the better off you are.

Does Covert Store Builder work with Google Adsense and Adhitz ads?

Yes you can add up to 2 ads per page with either Adsense or Adhitz ads. Covert Store Builder is very easy to work with with it comes to these ads. There is a special place to put the code for these ads right on the site as the image below will show.

covert store builder ads

What I like about Covert Store Builder.

The Covert Store Builder is so easy to use its almost a sin. You can’t go wrong using this theme to build your own online store front. And the price is not out of line at all.

covert store builder cash

What I don’t like about Covert Store Builder.

To be honest the only thing that I think I would like to see changed is the ability to make some changes to the heading part of theme. That is not saying that this is not a good theme because in my opinion it is and I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to start an online store this is the theme to use.

If you are looking to start an online store the Covert Store Builder theme is the right one to use. So why not try it for yourself today. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to see what this theme looks like when completely done and running you can go to my cookware site and see for yourself Click Here to check it out.

Cheers, Jim

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