Crypto Wealth Fund Review


Hello and welcome to my review of Crypto Wealth Fund. I am usually very skeptical about programs like this but I could not find any reviews at all about this company and I watched a very informative video made by Tom Kent a member of this company and I have to say it looks very promising.

What kind of Company is Crypto Wealth Fund?

Crypto Wealth Fund is based in Dubai. They claim to be a mining and forex trading company and have applications in mining in different currencies. They also claim to be mining and trading in different currencies since 2013. 

Investing with Crypto Wealth Fund.

There are 3 different plans you can invest with. These are the Standard Plan, The Premium Plan and the Deluxe Plan. These plans offer different rate of return and time length on your investment. The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $5000 depend on which plan you choose. Tom Kent has put together the following video to show you how to maximize your return on your investment. I was pretty impressed with this video as Tom is a real member and not some actor from fiverr.

Crypto Wealth Fund’s Referral Program

There is a pretty good referral program with this company. They pay 10% of your referral’s deposit. I am not sure if that means you get 10% every time your referral makes a deposit or if it is just the first time. I would assume it would mean every time. That could be a good money maker just by itself.

Crypto Wealth Fund’s Support.

This is one thing that I am not a real big fan of. They have a system that when you leave a message instead of answering you live they have message that says they will get back to you within 24 hours. That makes it look a bit suspicious to me. And this being a hyip program does not help that image at all. In my opinion any good company should have a live support team on hand to answer all concerns in real time rather than waiting for 24 hours.

Update on the support team, I did in fact receive an answer from support within an hour from my sending a message to them. So this looks pretty good for them.

According to this site is very new and has an unknown reputation as of yet. The website itself is located in the USA and the owner city is listed as Scottsdale, AZ. But the owners identity is hidden. I can’t say if that is bad or good because there are a lot websites that have the owner Id hidden it’s not uncommon to see that.

Have you tried Crypto Wealth Fund yet?

If you or anyone you know have joined this company please contact me of leave your comments below. I would like to hear from any members who have been paid or have been scammed. As far as I can tell so far there is not anyone who has not been paid from Crypto Wealth Fund.

My final thoughts about Crypto Wealth Fund.

Well as much as I do not like hyip programs I may have to give this one a try unless someone can get some more information on why I should not try it. I can not say it is a scam as of yet because its just too new.

If you have a question about how to deposit with Crypto Wealth Fund Tom Kent has a made a video explaining in detail exactly how to make a deposit.


I will try this company for 24 days and see if my returns are what they say they are. If you would like come back then I will update this review with my findings and let you know if this is indeed a scam or not.


Updated Info on Crypto Wealth Fund

There is a Facebook group that is for members only and I have found that is very helpful when it comes to answering questions about this company. So after you join contact me on facebook and I will add you to the group. And so far after the first day of my deposit I have earned $7 profit but have not withdrawn it yet as I like to let it build up a bit before withdrawing. And here’s another great thing about Crypto Wealth

Fund you can withdraw daily, you do not have to wait until your deposit matures after 24 days or whatever your plan you picked says the time it will expire. The image shows my earnings for the first 6 days and one withdrawal that was instant.


The other thing I like about this company is that is very transparent, the admin is Ahmad Sheikh and he makes regular posts on how and where the money is being invested and even shows his screen shots on the market he is trading. This is very rare with any investment company like this. And it also helps put the members at ease when they know how this company makes there money work for them and their members.



Here is a screenshot of my earnings thus far. These are a bit misleading because of the script being used on the website. I have actually withdrawn about 83.50. Another thing that is not very good about this company is that it takes a few days to receive your withdrawal. I have been waiting 3 days so far for a $37 withdrawal.

I can no longer recommend this company to anyone I am quite sure that is nothing more than a ponzi scheme and will most likely shut down before this year ends.