Ebates-A Great Affiliate Program!

I am always looking for a new company or offer that I can promote as long as it is legit! Ebates is one of the most recognized companies on the planet and their affiliate program is very good!!! Read my review below to see how it works!

  • Name: Ebates
  • Website: www.ebates.com
  • Business Model: Shopping Rebates

What is Ebates all about?

Ebates is a website that you can join for free and get rebates from the hundreds of online store that are affiliate with them. The amount of the rebate differs with every store but you can shop and include any discount that the retailer is offering and still get your rebate on top of the discount. The amount you can save by shopping with Ebates can be very signifcant! Personally I have received approximately $37 with just 2 purchases from 2 different retailers.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

How can I make money with Ebates?

There are 2 ways to make money with Ebates. One way is from your rebates that you receive from them on the various retailers. And the second way is to promote them with your affiliate link. The affiliate program is one of the best programs I have seen anywhere, including Amazon! You get $20 for each referral and at the time of this article they are offering an extra $5 for each qualified referral. The amount you can possibly make is staggering. The image below will show the potential you can make with Ebates!





Does Ebates really work?

Personally I can attest for Ebates that it does work. I have received checks in the mail from them already. This program is in my opinion the best online shopping site and affiliate program there is! If you are looking to save money while shopping online then I would definitely would recommend Ebates the savings are great!

How many stores can I shop with Ebates?

Ebates has approximately 1800 online store to shop from. Most of which I am sure you have shopped before. Some of these include JC Penny, Amazon, Macys, Walmart and etc. And almost all of them have discounts of some sort along with the Ebates cash back program!


What does it cost to join Ebates?

It is free to join Ebates there is no need to have a Paypal account or anything. All you need is an valid email address and your home mailing address so they can send you your cash back and affiliate check in the mail. This will be one check with both earnings included in it. My very first check was for $22, I am sorry but I didn’t think to save it so I could show it here, but take my word for it they do pay! The image below shows my total earnings including cash back from Ebates just in the last couple weeks.


Why not join Ebates today?

If you are looking to just save money or looking to make money or even do both why not join Ebates today for free and begin to save and make money while you shop! I would encourage all who like affiliate marketing for a good company to sign up today!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back