Envato Market Affiliate Program-No Scam here

I found the Envato Affiliate Program when I was looking for a theme to build a new website with. As I researched the ins and outs of this program I became thrilled at the opportunity it presented. Af you read this review you may want to give this affiliate program a try, as far as I can see this a good affiliate program to get involved with.

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Website: http://themeforest.net/make_money/affiliate_program

Price: Free

Upsells: No

Commission: 30% of referral deposit or purchase

Recommended: Yes

What exactly is Envato Market?

Envato Market is a company within themeforest.com that sells website themes to website owners and bloggers who are looking for a professional and well built theme. Theme forest has thousands of themes to choose from. There is a theme for almost anything you may need from store front to personal blogs.

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What makes the Envato Market Affiliate Program Work?

The Envato Market Affiliate Program is probably the most easiest affiliate program I have seen to date. After you have signed up for your free account you are able to become an Envato Market Affiliate. What you need to do is simply create your affiliate link on the site and then you can begin to promote Evanto Market where ever you see fit.
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The Enavato Market Affiliate Program has some tools that arw available to you for you to use in your affiliate marketing business. These include banners and logos that may be used as long as they are used in accordance with Envato market’s terms of use.

envato market affiliate terms


How and when do I get paid from Envato Market Affiliate Program?

envato market affiliate commission

Envato Market Affiliate Program has a pay out system that is pretty simple actually. The commissions are 30% for each referral that purchases a theme or from an author who purchases ad space to sell their themes. You ask what is an author?? An author is a person that creates new thems to sell on themeforest.com, he pays a certain amount of money to cover any incidental fees that he may incur while he is selling his themes .

What Do I have to do to Become an Envato Market Affiliate?

Ok here’s the best part, to become an affiliate in the Envato Market Affiliate Program you just need to sign up for free at themeforest.com. Then click the affiliate button at the top and create you your affiliate link there. you can also down the logos and banners that you can use on your blog or website.

envato market affiliate sign up

What are the pro’s with Envato Market Affiliate Program.

  • Very generous commissions
  • Extremely easy to put to use.
  • The instructions are very clear and easy to understand as far as the do’s and don’ts.
  • $50.00 payout threshold one of the lowest thresholds online.

What are the Con’s with Envato Market Affiliate Program.

  • So far I have nothing to say that would be a bad thing.

My Final Thoughts on the Envato Market Affiliate Program.

This one of the best affiliate programs I have seen. This is neither a scam or a scheme I believe a person can make money with the Envato Market Affiliate Program. If you are looking for a good program and good product to promote I highly recommend this site.

So why not join toady for FREE!! You can join right now by clicking the banner below. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Envato Market affiliate program