eRmail-Another Scam or Legit?

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Ok today I signed up for a program on eRmail just to see if this was a scam or if it is legit. Today is the first day with this site so I will attempt to get a good idea of what eRmail is all about and let you know in a couple of days.

Name: eRmail


Cost: Free

Owner: Unknown

Upsells: No

Verdict: Not a scam but don’t waste your time

What is eRmail?

eRmail is basically a solicited email advertising site. This means that you can earn money while reading ads that eRmail sends to you and you can do this without spending a dime of your own. Companies do not have to pay a a lot of money to advertise with them in fact they pay registered users directly to allow them to send you information, news, discounts or offers you may find interesting.

ermail what it is

How does eRmail work?

When you first get to the eRmail website you will notice that it is a very simple website to navigate. First you have to become a registered user and this is absolutely free.


Now that you have registered what happens next? You will have complete access to your account and you can look around and see what ways you can make money with eRmail. You will also receive an email to verify your account and that’s when you also recieve $10 into your account. Or at least that what it says in your account.


How much money can I make with eRmail?

I can not really answer this question because I have just started myself. But there are more than one way to make money. First way is to download the eRclient app and you get paid $1.00 just for doing that. Next refer your friends that could make you money up to 200% faster. ermail earn money

The 3rd way to make money is to fill out questionaires as they are offered to you I believe this pays $.50 each. The 4th way is to read the ads that are sent to you this also pays $.50 each.

Can I place my own ad on eRmail?

If you have your own business you can place an ad with eRmail and they will take care of everything for you. They have their own user database that is simply bigger than I have ever seen, they boast over 8 million registered users world wide.

eRmail usersthe cost of advertising is also very reasonable for the amount of people reached and the price varies with each plan you choose.  Personally I think this is a great way for a company to reach hundreds of thousands of people with having to send out emails themselves.

eRmail prices

Is there a support system in place with eRmail?

Not much of a support system for affiliates but customers who place ads have a good support system. Actually affiliates don’t need much in the way of support because of the ease of use of eRmail. There is a FAQ page for those who need questions answered.

eRmail earn potential

How often do I get paid from eRmail?

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold which is $100 you have the option of withdrawing it either by banks transfer or money order sent to you via snail mail.

What I like about eRmail.

I like the ease of use on the website. Also it is completely free to sign up as an affiliate. The $10 is a good incentive for people to join also.

What I do not like about eRmail.

One thing I do not like is the $100 payout threshold, I think it would take some time to get that much in your account unless you are a marketing guru and then maybe you could get that much in a day or two.

My final thoughts and verdict about eRmail.

it would be really hard to call this a scam since it costs nothing to join. The only way it could be a scam is if they did not pay you like they say they will. I won’t know until I’ve reached the payout threshold. So you may want to check back later to see if I have updated this article in any way.

Update about eRmail.

Its been a couple days since I signed up for this program and I have never received any ads to read or any questionaires to fill out. So I won’t call this a scam but it is a huge waste of time. So don’t bother trying to make money with eRmail.

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