17 thoughts on “eRmail-Another Scam or Legit?”

  • Andrew Jensen

    Nice review of ermail. I’ve joined them through an advertisement in Traffic Monsoon, which is an honest site. Definitely let me know if you are able to cashout because this seems like another potential source of income.

  • Peter


    Even though you don’t pay anything to join these kind of programs, it’s important to keep in mind that some of them are just harvesting email addresses..in order to then charge companies or individuals to send out ads to. I’m not saying THIS is one of those “offerings”..just that if you haven’t anything from them, the it’s not looking too good already.

    Just my thoughts


  • admin

    Thank you for the info!!! And you are exactly right!!!

  • Mara

    Wll i also joined a couple of months ago. I also send them an email and never got an answer back, the email was considering my refferals, they are not there in the list and i got 0.25usd from refferals…it is not a cool thing in life to steal time from desperate peops..you would need to be CEO to have so much contacts, and if I was i certainelly woud not need some eRmail to make “extra cash”….I think it is a rip off of your time and effort…they didnt show otherwise…so

  • Carlos

    I joined it a couple of years and started to receive frequent emails. When something like $30 accumulated in my backoffice, emails started to come very seldom. I did the math and calculated that at that pace, I would get the required $100 in more than 10 years.
    This is the type of sites which cannot be called scam, but they master their ways to get profit out of the people’s hope to get money and with that high $100 minimum payout probably nobody will
    You don’t lose money, but time to their benefit

  • hi. i’m not saying that i know a lot about whether online jobs like this or that are legit or scams. but i can’t think of how eRmail would b a scam, at least not now or until i can actually withdraw my funds — definitely gonna take time for me to make a 100$!!! if they are quite a new start up, then it isn’t so soon we should get some positive feedback about actual payments made to people who have first joined. I started yesterday.

  • Debbie

    I joined this site a couple of months ago, I get 1 email every couple of days, there is never any surveys apart from the 1 when you first join. If you get paid it would definitely be a long long time coming. Waste of time. If anyone knows any sites to work on where you get paid more than it costs in mega bites would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • I just joined last July 10, 2016. So far my account balance is around $15.00. and this is the breakdown of my earnings: $10 for subscribing, $1 for the App, $.52 for my referral, $2.60 for the emails, and $1.50 for the survey. After a week of working on this, I figure out that in every eRmail, you will earn $.10, and they are sending two eRmails daily, that will be $.20 daily. In that way, I can reach the threshold after 500 days. 🙁 But I can reach it faster if I will recruit more. Well who knows, if you will just read the eRmails sent to you sooner or later my balance will reach $100 in no time. I hope, someone can testify whether if they are able to withdraw their earnings or not.

  • lm trying your idea ….

  • l answered the questions but l don’t got nothing !

  • I just joined too and I know it would be quite long to attain their threshold.
    But to think of if,I am suggesting that it can be reached if one has a lot of referers..
    Well,I wouldn’t consider it scam.

  • Eca

    Just joined today. I can’t install the app on my Android tab though and the link emailed to my referral is not working. Well, will just wait for any update then.

  • einahp


    SIGN UP FOR THIS GUYS ITS A LEGIT TYPING A CAPTCHA. I earned around $15 just by typing free registration..

  • Anonymous

    spyware on the download, no thanks.

  • Surajo Garba

    Here is the link to sign up on Ermail

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