Fans 2 Cash-Is it for Real?

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Fans 2 Cash is a lot like a paid to click website. The difference is that you are sharing news items to your facebook, twitter, google plus, youtube and pinterest accounts. I will take a closer look in the following review. Then you can decide for yourself if this something you may want to give a try.

Name: Fans 2 Cash


Price: Free!

Owner: unknown

Rating: 55/100

What is Fan 2 Cash?

Fans 2 Cash is basically a paid to click site with a small difference. You are not clicking ads you are sharing news articles on facebook, google plus, youtube and etc. When you share these articles and some clicks on them you get paid. Its as simple as that.

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How does Fans 2 Cash work?

First you can sign up with your facebook account if you have one. Then you can pick and choose which articles you want to share. You just click on the article and send it to the social network you wish to share it with. Then just wait for people to click on it.

You can also earn money by referring people to Fans 2 Cash.

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How much money can I make with Fans 2 Cash?

Well according to the image above you could make a lot of money in one day. I can not say whether this is true or not. I do know that it would take a hell of a lot of clicks to make this kind of money. So you basically need a lot fans or people following you in order for this to create the kind of money that is shown above.

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What kind of referral program does Fans 2 Cash have?

The Fans 2 Cash referral program is a 5 tier program. Depending on how many referrals you have is what decides what tier you are in. All tiers pay 1% of your referrals earnings. The graphic below should help explain this even more.

fnas 2 cash referral calculator

Is there an earnings threshold with Fans 2 Cash?

Yes there is a payout threshold with Fans 2 Cash and frankly I think its a bit high. You must reach $500 before you can request payment. The do pay with paypal so be informed now that paypal will charge you 2.9% of the money being sent to you. That means that from $500 you will actually receive $485.50. This is not the fault of fans 2 cash it is the policy of paypal.

What I like about Fans 2 Cash.

  • Easy to use
  • Free to join
  • Potential earnings are very good

What I do not like about Fans 2 Cash.

In my opinion the payout threshold is too high, and the fact that you really need a huge following to make the kind of money this site claims you can make.

My final opinion of Fans 2 Cash.

For me personally I wouldn’t waste my time with this site. It is not a scam but it is very difficult to make any money that means anything with them. It would take me probably 6 months to make $500 and to me that is not enough. I can make twice that in a week installing floors.

So as far as fans 2 cash being for real, it is and you can make money, just not very fast. It is legit and does work. but I am still giving this a thumbs down.

thumbs down 2

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