8 thoughts on “Fans 2 Cash-Is it for Real?”

  • anthony

    what site would you recommend rather than fans2cash?

  • admin

    That depends on what you are looking for?

  • Rian

    I want 3 easy ways to make cash online

  • Grace

    What sites would you recommend @admin to make genuine money online and get paid out .Your advise would go a long way to assist me .I look forward to reading your comment soon.

  • admin

    The best site that I have been involved with for the past year is Forex Paradise. I have been very successful with this company.

  • Grace

    @admin,I don’t really know much about forex but will prefer stuffs like survey or some other online stuffs.Again,for some recommended ones like wealth affiliate and the likes I am yet to find one that is open for Nigeria citizens .I am interested in an online survey work or other online genuine sites that one can do from home and earn something which I can duely participate in..I am a Nigeria citizen and will appreciate if you recommend some that I can genuinely do from Nigeria .
    Thanks for your timely response.It really helped

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