Five Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

affiliate marketing mistakes

I have to admit that when I started affiliate marketing I only had one thing in mind “Make Money Fast” and that lead me to make huge mistakes in affiliate marketing. So now that I know what mistakes I made, I want to share with you so you can avoid making these mistakes.


What is The First Mistake to Avoid?

When I started in the affiliate marketing my goal was to sell, sell, sell and then I could not figure out why I was failing. Then someone told me that my job is not to sell that was the job of the sales page that I was directing people to. Hence the term “affiliate marketing”.

I came to realize that my job is to help people and not to sell. People want to hear from other people who have used a certain product or have a problem that they want help finding a solution to.So that is the first priority in the affiliate marketing game.mistakes to avoid helping

The mistake to avoid is don’t focus on selling anything but rather focus on helping people with their problem, questions or what ever it is they are looking for. You will find that the more you help and gain trust your audience will consider you the place to go for answers and then will more likely click on your affiliate links and you will begin to make some money.

What is The Second Mistake to Avoid?

Now that you’re ready t start affiliate marketing here is the next mistake to avoid. Don’t just jump into every affiliate marketing program that comes along! It is a good idea to have multiple streams of income but don’t overload yourself. Do not get overwhelmed with affiliate programs.mistakes to avoid overwhelmed

My suggestion is to start off with 1-3 products or services that you want to promote. Choose your affiliate programs carefully and make wise decisions.

What is The Third Mistake to Avoid?

The next mistake to avoid is one that I made myself and learned a valuable lesson.

Make sure you do some testing in your affiliate marketing, what I mean is opt in to the product you want to promote check out the lead page and see if you are going to get hit with loads of emails and tons of upsells right off the bat.

Try putting yourself in the buyers shoes, would like it if your inbox suddenly gets hit with offers from the seller that you have referred them to.

What is The Fourth Mistake to Avoid?

Tracking your sales is very important! Affiliate programs like amazon, and clickbank offer a way to add a tracking code to the product you are going to promote, BE SURE TO DO SO.

It’s always nice to see a commission come through but more importantly you want to know where that sale came from and that’s what the tracking code does. This way you can keep track of what is converting and what is not.

What is The Fifth Mistake to Avoid?

Make comparisons!!! What I mean is if you are promoting a product from Amazon make sure you can compare it to one or two other similar products and let the buyer see what the differences are and then you will be helping him make his own decision with confidence.mistakes to avoid comparison

I hope this brief article has helped you to avoid some of the mistakes I made at first please leave any comments or questions below. If you like to stay updated with us simply leave your email address in the form below.

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