Forex Heaven Review

Welcome to my review of Forex Heaven. I hope this review will help inform you of what you need to know about this company in order to make an informed decision.


What is Forex Heaven?

Forex Heaven is basically your run of the mill hyip program that pays a fair amount of return on your investment. There are several different investment plans to choose from. There is one thing I have discovered about this company that surprised me a bit. The fact that the owner has not used a whois guard on his website is a bit surprising.

Basic Information about the website.

  • Owner: Katherine Jamison
  • Address: Just lists Texas, USA
  • Name: Forex Heaven
  • Website:
  • Age: 66 days
  • Website Location: Canada should not be confused with these are 2 completely different companies. For now we are focusing on One thing I am a bit confused about is that this company says it is a registered Hong Kong Company.

This site is very new and I have had a difficult time finding any information on it. provided me with the information above but that is pretty much all I have been able to find on Forex Heaven.

Investment plans with Forex Heaven.

There are 5 different investment plans to choose from ranging from 2% daily forever to 200% after 30 days. Now these are not as high as some hyip plans offer so this could be that Forex Heaven is a bit more stable than most hyips and probably more sustainable.

Forex Heaven’s referral program.

There is an attractive referral program with Forex Heaven. It pays 10% for your direct referral plus it will pay you for 2 more level below that. I am not sure what the payout is for the other 2 levels. So far I am liking this program better than Crypto Wealth Fund.

Forex Heaven accepts several different e-currencies for investing. This makes it easy for anyone who would like to invest with this company. Like I have stated earlier there is not much information about this company out there but I think it is worth a shot just to see if the payouts are what they claim.

Forex Heaven has a debit card.

One thing I do know is that Forex Heaven has a debit card and there are people who have received them. This is quite unique for a hyip. The reason I know that these are real I had received an email giving the activation code for the card for those who have received them.

There is a facebook group for Forex Heaven members and you can join if you need to see some payout proofs as there are many proofs available.

Is Forex Heaven a ponzi scheme?

I would have to say it probably is a ponzi scheme and it will most likely disappear at some point like most other hyips do. But I have seen ponzi schemes last for years and some that last only a few months. I cannot say how long this one will last, but for now I think a person can some good money with them. As always with any hyip use caution when investing your money.


Have you invested with Forex Heaven?

If you have invested with Forex Heaven please leave a comment below and let us know how you are doing, good or bad we want to know.



Forex Heaven is in fact a SCAM!!!!