Forex Invest-An Obvious Ponzi Scheme

Forex Invest is a very new investment site that promises huge returns on your investment. Just that fact alone raises a huge red flag.  Let’s take a closer look at this company and see if there other red flags to be seen  with this investment opportunity.



What is the First Red Flag with Forex Invest?

First off any company that offers such returns as everyone knows is virtually impossible. These kinds of companies rely on people like you and me to promote their company and make money from their deposits and pay us commissions for doing so. We also know that when a company offers such high returns that the chance of them being around for a long time is very slim.

The Second Red Flag with Forex Invest.

The second red flag for us is the referral system. Any real investment company does not rely on a referral system or even have one. And when someone signs up they have always have a broker that handles the deposits into their account and with companies like Forex Invest you are depositing your money directly into the company and not a broker.

The Third Red Flag with Forex Invest.

I tried to find out who owns Forex Invest but came up empty. Any legitimate investment company would not hide their identity from their clients. I did find out that it has an address here in the U.S.A . So the SEC and FBI could possibly investigate this company and possibly shut them down.

The Fourth Red Flag with Forex Invest.

Almost all legitimate investment companies accepts any major credit card to fund the clients accounts. This is not the case with Forex Invest. The only payments they accept are from Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money. And if you live in the USA you cannot use Perfect Money. So you have no recourse when you lose your money to Ponzi schemes like this.

The Fifth Red Flag with Forex Invest.

I have seen a lot of legitimate investment sites and most of them have a demo account you can set up for free and practice trading for yourself. Forex Invest does not have this anywhere on their website.

Red Flag Number Six with Forex Invest.

They do NOT tell you who is managing your investments. All they can say is managed by a team of so-called “investment experts”. Which in reality is a couple of guys just watching the money roll in while they pay out a small portion to their affiliates.

I don’t think you will need anymore evidence showing how big of a Ponzi scheme this really is. Im sure there will be some that make a small amount of money for a short period of time and say that I am wrong. But I am willing to bet that in the long run that Forex Invest will shut down when they have reached their goal of how much money they want to steal from people who are looking to make a little money online.

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I hope this review has helped you make a informed decision about Forex Invest. Good luck in the future!!