Forex King-Hyip Scam or Legit?

This website was submitted by one of our readers so I thought I would take a look at it. I must admit when I first saw it, it looked very familiar to another site that I had reviewed which was indeed a scam. Anyway let’s see what this site has to offer.

What is Forex King?

Forex King is another online investment company that claims very high returns on your investments. They also claim to be a representative of Forex Investing Ltd. in the U.K. They claim to be authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority. They have a reference number listed in the FAQ and a link to click on so you can supposedly verify this information. But when I clicked on the link all I got was an error stating that I cannot see the page because my browser does not accept cookies, but I know that is total BS. That was a red flag for me. The office that is listed on the website is at 3 Hardman St. Manchester M3 3AW United Kingdom.


What kind of returns does Forex King claim?

The return on investment that is claimed starts at 2.1% and the highest is 1800% which is pretty much impossible to make any site sustainable. These kinds of returns always make me very suspicious as I have seen these thing come and go in a very short period of time. Most hyip’s like this are very short lived and turn into scams after a few months. They are basically ponzi schemes and when they have reached their limit of investments they just shut down the pay outs and leave their investors with no money left in their accounts.

How many investment plans does Forex King offer?

As far as I can tell there are 8 different plans you can invest with, they all very in returns and length of time before maturity. The image below will give you and idea of what each plan is.


Is Forex King paying its clients?

I have check all the hyip monitors and all of them have Forex King as paying. There is not much info put there to go on as the company has not been online for very long. I have not seen any negative reviews as of yet, but that is to be expected due to the age of the website. There is live stats on the website that looks very impressive but I cannot say whether any of it is true other than the newest member which was me!


How long has Forex King been online?

As you can see from the image above Forex King has only been online for 195 days but they claim to been in business for 3 years prior offline, which is very difficult to prove or disprove. I have joined this company but I have not yet invested any money. I may invest a small amount just to see if they really are paying or not. I am always skeptical when it come to hyip sites like this. I know from experience that they usually pay very well at first then they just disappear as fast as the appeared.



What e-currencies does Forex King accept?

There are 6 different e-currencies that is accepted by Forex King, the image below should be self explanatory.


Does Forex King have a referral program?

Forex King does have a 3 tier referral program. Tier 1 pays 5% of your referrals investment. Tier 2 pays 2% of the investment made by your level 2 referral. And Tier 3 pays 1.5% of your your third level’s investment. So you may be a bit confused but it’s really very easy. Your original referral is your level 1 and then their referral is level 2 and then the level 2 referral is your level 3 referral.


What do I think about Forex King?

To be perfectly honest it is probably just like any other hyip. What I mean is that it will pay very well for a few months and then it will probably be gone. I can not say that this will be the case but I always like to error on the side of caution. I may drop a few bucks in it just to see what happens. And you can do it too if you get in early enough you could make a fairly good amount of money. But I don’t think I would invest any more than I could afford to lose. I would appreciate any feedback on this company, I want to know how some of its clients are actually doing. Please feel free to leave your comments below.


 I have found out that Forex King has stopped paying just like I thought they would. Stay away from this program!!!

My Verdict: