Forex Paradise-Is it Paying or is it a Scam?

It’s been over a year since I joined Forex Paradise and I thought it’s time to review what has been happening and what is happening right now.


What’s been happening with Forex Paradise?

Well Forex Paradise has literally gone viral!! There are now over 300.000 members worldwide. In fact the traffic has been so heavy on the website it makes a bit difficult to log on at times. I have never seen a website grow as fast as Forex Paradise has done in the past 2 and half years. I personally have done very well with this company.

Have I made money with Forex Paradise?

I am happy to say that I have made almost $4000 in commissions alone. And just recently I have had my first earnings of about $450 and there is more to come.

What is going on now with Forex Paradise?

There have been a lot of things happening with Forex Paradise, some not that good and some very good!!! Let me start with the good things. They have announced an international convention for those who have deposited $10,000 or more they call these VIP clients. The trip is being paid for by Forex Paradise.


They have also added the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin Debit Cards. I think these are for $1000 I am not sure how long it takes to get these as I did not purchase one. There are only a limited number of these for sale.


Some things not so good with Forex Paradise.

Due to the high volume of clients the website does not load properly and it takes a few times to log in. This is very aggravating to me, I don’t have much time for websites that don’t work right and Forex Paradise support doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to fix this problem.

The next thing is withdrawals have slowed to a 20 day waiting period because of heavy withdrawal traffic again.

The support staff at Forex Paradise has been very good and they answer all my emails and tickets in a timely manner. There have been rumors that Forex Paradise is going to scam very soon, but I can not say for sure if it will or will not. As long as they are still paying I cannot call it a scam.

Is it still safe to invest with Forex Paradise?

NO, The website is gone now and Forex Paradise is a 100% scam! Its too bad because they had a great thing going. I never did get any money from earnings but I did make over 4K in commissions. My apologies to everyone who had invested recently I had no idea that this was going to happen.


My Opinion on Forex Paradise.

Here is  what I think about Forex Paradise. It is a SCAM!

For a detailed explanation of the bank processing with Forex Paradise my friend Kiran has a great article concerning this subject. Click here to read more about it.



Updated information.

I have submitted emails and support tickets to the support team at Forex Paradise and for the first time in a year have gotten no response from them what so ever. I am comfortable calling Forex Paradise a SCAM now. Do not invest any money with these guys.