Forex Union-Just Another Ponzi Scheme?

Forex Union is a very new website that I happened to stumble across today and I did some checking on it. This review will tell you what I have found.



  • Name: Forex Union
  • Website:
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Admin Address: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255  Phoenix, AZ 85016 USA
  • Phone:  +1.3478717726
  • Verdict: Ponzi
  • Online: November 20,2016

What is Forex Union?

Forex Union is another investment type of website that claims to pay enormous amounts of interest on your investment in a very short period of time. This claim by itself is enough to cause suspicion among people who are looking to make money online. The website is not real impressive and there is not a lot of work that was put into it. this website is very new so there is not a lot information on the web but I did find some interesting things about it.










What Investment Plans are Offered by Forex Union?

There are 3 different plans offered by Forex Union. Each plans offers an extremely high rate of return in a very short period of time.

  1. The Beginners Plan- Minimum Deposit $30 – $299/Return-950% after 1 day.
  2. The Experts Plan- Minimum Deposit $300- $3000/ Return-2000% after 2 days.
  3. The VIP Plan-Minimum Deposit-$3000-$30,000/Return-25000% after 3 days.

With these kinds of returns being claimed you have to know that this is most definitely a Ponzi scheme and will disappear in a matter of months or maybe even weeks.


What e-currencies does Forex Union accept?

There are only 3 that this “so-called company” accepts these are  Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer. The good news is that this admins is based in the USA and therefore can be reported to the FBI when they stop paying there members. It is not a matter of IF they stop paying but WHEN they stop paying, because at those rates of return there is no way they can sustain this scam.

What are the other review sites saying about Forex Union?

I could only find one that had any kind of information on Forex Union. Scam Adviser rates this website as suspicious probably because of how new it is. Below is a screen shot of what Scam Adviser reported.


There are 11 hyip monitors that are reported that Forex Union is paying. I do not put a lot of stock in hyip monitors because most of them are being paid just so they can give a positive report.

Is there a referral program with Forex Union?

Yes and it pays 3% on any deposits your referrals make after they sign up. This is reasonable but my guess is that the average commission is anywhere from $.90 to$3.00 per referral. I highly doubt that anyone would invest a huge amount of money into a obvious Ponzi scheme.

Should you invest with Forex Union?

At this point unless you are experienced with investing in Hyip/Ponzi programs I would say DO NOT INVEST. These kinds of programs are set up to make money only for the owner. Yes you can make money with a Ponzi if you know when to take your money out. Forex Union has such a high rate of return I do not expect this to last more than a few months at the very most.

Have you been scammed by Forex Union?

If you feel you have been scammed by Forex Union please leave your comments below we want to know more about this obvious Ponzi scheme. There is little information online about this website and this could be the first review on Forex Union. Any more information would be helpful.


I hope this short review was of some help to you. Our main goal is to help people like you who are looking to make money online steer away from obvious scams like this.