Freedom 5 – A Revshare with a Twist.


As many of you know that I am not a huge fan of revshare programs, but when I saw this one it made me take notice. Freedom has not launched at the time I am writing this review, but it is going to be very interesting how this one plays out.


  • Name: Freedom 5
  • Website:
  • Admin: Walley Lumley
  • Facebook Group: Yes
  • Business Model: Revshare 
  • Launch Date: June 3, 2016

What is Freedom 5?

Freedom 5 is another revshare program that offers a pretty good return on your adpack purchase. When I saw the return of 500% on my bitcoin I couldn’t help but be curious as to what this revshare is offering and if there is any catch involved. One thing I like is the fact that they do not claim to be a get rich quick program. In fact they insist that Freedom 5 is not a get rich quick scheme.

Can anyone join Freedom 5?

At this point you must be invited to join Freedom 5. In the future however it will be open to anyone who wishes to join. If you would like to join you can click on any of the banners in this review and sign up for free.


Is Freedom 5 a hyip or pyramid scheme?

Freedom 5 is not a hyip program or a pyramid scheme, they do not  claim that you will make 500% in any certain amount of time. This all depends how much revenue is brought in on a daily basis. You could make 2% a day or 5% a day depending  on the revenue that is brought in from advertising each day. Also Freedom 5 is a 5 module program and the revenue sharing program is the first module of the 5. The other modules are to be added as time goes by. To help explain this even more please click here and Wally Lumley can explain this in detail for you.


What payment processors are accepted?

Currently the processors that are accepted are Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay and Perfect Money. It is however strongly encouraged that you use bitcoin as your processor because of the ease of use and no processing fees are involved. I personally recommend Coinbase as your bitcoin wallet. I have never had a problem with them and they are very fast when it comes to withdrawing your money to your bank account.


How do I earn money with Freedom 5?

In order to earn money with Freedom 5 you must first register you account for free and then make your adpack purchase which start a $5 per pack. Then each day you must surf 5 ads until your adpacks max out at 500% which could very well take 4 or months. After you have maxed out your adpacks you must withdraw your earnings and then you may repurchase adpacks from your processor. There is no way to repurchase adpack from within the website you must withdraw your earnings first and make a new purchase from your processor. I understand why they do it this way. This keeps fresh money flowing into the system and thereby making the company more sustainable. Not only that it makes it a bit more fair those who join after you do.

What makes Freedom 5 different from other Revshares?

What makes this different is the act that you cannot repurchase adpacks from within the system. This allows for frsh money to be brought in almost all the time after your adpacks mature at 500%. The other revshares that I have seen allow for repurchases from within the system and that does not bring in fresh money it just rolls over the money that is already there. I like this idea of withdrawing before repurchasing I think it will help sustain the company for a long time.


My opinion of Freedom 5.

I do believe that Wally Lumley and the others who are involved with the inception of Freedom 5 may be on to something with this company. So I will give this company a big thumbs up. Consider this my invitation to you to join today for free and beginning in June you can start making money with Freedom 5 as one of the first members of this exciting company! For more information watch the video below it is a bit lengthy but it will help explain Freedom 5 in more detail.

Freedom 5 has announced some new additions to their program!

I have just found out that Freedom 5 has announced some new additions to their revshare program. The video below will explain these additions in better detail than I can.

 Here is what one of Freedom 5’s member has to say.


it appears that after only 5 days online that Freedom 5 is a SCAM! They really had me fooled these guys looked legit in every way!!! My apologies to anyone who read my review and invested in this well played scam.