Global Moneyline-Nothing but a Joke.

A friend of mine introduced me to this so called money making opportunity. And being the opened minded person that I am I thought I would give it a shot. You may have even been approached by someone to join this website. If you have and haven’t decided to join yet you may want to read this review before you join.

What about Global Moneyline the business?

There is no information on who owns this so called company. And the videos that they use are sketchy at best. I have searched for who owns this company and came up with nothing. the website itself is a bit cheesy and looks very unprofessional. The things you have to do are pretty confusing and really don’t tell you anything other than they build a list for you but the list they build are people that have already joined for free so you are promoting this company to those who already joined, this make no sense at all.


I have found upit the owner and his name is Kent Anthony and he resides in Costa Rica. For any of you who may want to do more research on this company.

What are the Global Money line products?

As far as I can tell the only product there is , is the website itself. They put it out there like the product they have is list building after you paid your first $20. The real thing that they sell is the upsell to the nest level which is $70 the fact is that these guys are just looking for your money in their pockets. You have to look at video after video which pretty tells you the same thing over and over again. This whole thing is pretty much a damn joke not to mention a probable scam.



How do you get paid from Global Moneyline?

When you sign up for free your “Moneyline” begins to grow and very fast I might add. Every person that signs up for free after you goes into your “moneyline” . That doesn’t mean that they are in your down line that means if you can get them to make a subscription purchase using your link then they will be in your downline. So you can send them a message encouraging them to upgrade their membership with your link. After you get 2 signups then you can move on and hope to get more commissions from your first 2 signups. The amount is $5 for every affiliate you sign up.

Global Moneyline is it safe?

The website itself is safe to browse but the company is probably nothing more than a scam. I cannot recommend anyone to join this site as there is really nothing to there for people to put money into. All I can see is people throwing money out the window and hoping people will sign up under them.

What do I recommend?

I have had a fair amount of success with Zarfund. This is a peer to peer MLM the trick to being successful is finding a good team that are very active and can provide spillover signups and bring you more money as it grows. If you are looking to make some money online why not give Zarfund a try this is one website that is going viral and is bound to get bigger very fast!!!

If you want more information on Global Moneyline I encourage your to visit Jesse Singh’s website.