GPS Funnel-Does This Really Work?

Today I signed up for a fairly new system to hit the internet. Its called the GPS Funnel . I think this could be a very good way to make money with very little effort. There are a lot of things to look at with this system so let’s get started.

  • Name: GPS Funnel
  • Website:
  • Owner: Bill Marler
  • System: Rotator
  • Price: 34.95 to join
  • Upsells: Yes

What is GPS Funnel?

The Term GPS stands for Guaranteed Profit System. I know, I bet you thought it Geographical Positioning System!!!!

The GPS Funnel is basically a program that is partnered with another website that sells digital products. It is based on a true rotator that helps everyone make money. The GPS Funnel website is really just a splash page that takes you to a full page of videos and instructions that explains in very good detail exactly how it works.


How does GPS Funnel work?

GPS Funnel is partnered with NWC that is the National Wealth Center. When you join the NWC you will go through the GPS Funnel website. From there you will have to open an account with the NWC in order to get yourself added to the GPS Rotator. It’s a fairly simple process but it does take a little time, but not much.

The idea behind the GPS Funnel is to have one team promoting the same thing. Its not like you have to promote anything by yourself. Everything is on a even playing field. This is the great thing about this system.

Can I really Make money with GPS Funnel?

The answer to this is yes!!! There are people who making big money in about 30 days just by promoting that’s the only thing they have to promote. No affiliate links or anything like that. How simple is that? You can even promote it on Facebook without the fear of being muted or even banned, because there is no affiliate link to “spam” as it were.


Is GPS Funnel a MLM program?

The GPS Funnel system is a MLM program to a point. That is after you have 4 sales in your team you will then need to get out the rotator. Now that doesn’t mean you stop making money because you will still receive money from those 4 people who have signed up their 4.

gps funnel pic

How much money can I start out with?

There are basically 3 levels to begin with:

  • Level 1 $25
  • Level 2 $50
  • Level 3 $100

There are higher levels but these first 3 are the ones you want to concentrate on. Obviously if you buy all 3 levels for $175 you are going to make more money. But if you are working with a limited budget you can start out with the $25 level and upgrade later.

What are people saying about the GPS Funnel System?

I have inserted a couple of videos from actual members of this system so I will let them show you how they are doing.

Here is a quote from Craig Bottman a GPS Funnel member: “Food for thought-
My wife and I own a rental home in a small town in Eastern Washington. We have around $70,000 invested in this house. The income it generates is $620 per month. Not a bad return, right? But guess what? Tenants come and go and it does go vacant (no monthly income). Do we get discouraged and sell? No we don’t! I just paid for my third month in NWC for total of $555 and my monthly residual already exceeds the rental income! If your house seems vacant now do not give up and sell. Be in at all levels you can afford and you will succeed! Thank you Bill Marler and all you Admins for all you do! GPS ALL THE WAY!!!”.

  Is GPS Funnel a Scam?

In my opinion this could be a scam just because it is a mlm or pyramid scheme. But I thought i would give it a shot. I think it is basically a cash gifting scheme. Almost all pyramid schemes are illegal in all 50 states. Any way I am trying it to see if this really works or if its all just a bunch of bullshit. Check back in a month or 2 for my final analysis of this so called infinite income scheme.

 My final thought about GPS Funnel.

I do not believe this to be a scam but I have noticed that if you don’t upgrade your levels to all 3 purchases which cost $175 and that is every month, you probably won’t get any sign ups. However this is a pyramid scheme and pyramid schemes are illegal. So In my opinion I would save my money and look for another place to make money online.