Hash Ocean – Number 1 in Bitcoin Mining?


I have in the last few months been investing in Bitcoin and have started to see a profit. Now I have opened an account with Hash Ocean to do some bitcoin mining. The following article will attempt to explain what bitcoin mining is and how it works.

What is Hash Ocean?

Hash Ocean is a bitcoin mining service for those who interested in investing in bitcoin and making a profit by mining bitcoin. There is really not much to it you make your deposit and watch your profit everyday. Of course the more you invest the more you will profit. And with Hash Ocean once you have reach 0.05 in bitcoin your withdrawal is automatically sent to your bitcoin e-wallet.

What is bitcoin and where does it come from?

Unlike paper money bitcoin has no central government or federal bank. In other words there is no government that manufactures bitcoin like they do with paper money. With bitcoin those who are miners of bitcoin use special computer software to mine for bitcoin along with very specialized hardware. I know this whole process is confusing, I am not an expert at bitcoin mining by any means.hash-ocean-hardware

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is really a series of math computations that is decentralized and it also serves 2 purposes.

  1. Confirms transactions that is done in a manner that is trusted, when there is enough mathematical power or effort to devote it to a block.
  2. And it creates or issues new bitcoins to each block.

There is so much more to this process I can not possibly fit all of the info in this article I would recommend that you check out www.bitcoinmining.com for more detailed information.

Why is Hash Ocean the best bitcoin mining site?

The first I can say is that Hash Ocean has been around since 2015 and they continue to pay profits as promised to me and everyone that I know that has an account with them. Also when you join for free and make your first investment you get 15/kh for free!! I know you are wondering what kh is. Its basically a unit of power used to mine bitcoin. With Hash Ocean once you reach 700/kh that constitutes one unit or one video card that is used to mine bitcoin and the goal is to acquire 4 units or 2800/kh for the maximum profit on your investment.

How much profit can I make with Hash Ocean?

Profits with Hash Ocean depends completely on how much you have invested and on the current value of bitcoin which goes up and down all day and everyday. Below is a screen shot my personal account with Hash Ocean, it shows what the value of bitcoin and how much my profit is daily.




Hash Ocean has an affiliate program.

Hash Ocean does have an affiliate program that pays your 5% of powers with each invited member. That would be a good way to increase your profit without spending any of your own money.


Is Hash Ocean Number 1 in Bitcoin Mining?

Not even close this site has turned out to be nothing a but a ponizi scheme. The website is now gone and took a lot of peoples money with them. I have to admit that it did look like a good one at first but nothing could be further from the truth!!

Verdict: SCAM!

There is one site that is 100% trustworthy for bitcoin mining. Genesis Mining is the most trusted and has a great reputation so if you are looking to make money with bitcoin mining click the banner below and sign up for free and use this code “SMbBT9” for a 3% discount on your first investment.


Video and hardware images courtesy of www.bitcoinmining.com .