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Hitleap is one of the most utilized traffic exchangers today. It is a low cost way to help you get your Alexa ranking up and also contrary to popular belief it will actually drive your bounce rate down. I like using it but like anything else in life you have to use it with care.

Name; Hitleap

Website: hitleap.com

Price: Free to join

Upsells: Yes-$4/month premium lite-$8/month for full premium

What is Hitleap?

Hitleap is traffic exchange website where you can drive traffic to your site simply by choosing the amount of minutes you want to use and where you want the traffic to come from. Hitleap also has what is called the Hitleap viewer, this application sends you to different websites to view and earn minutes for free.

hitleap landing page

How does Hitleap work?

When you sign up for Hitleap you will get for free 5000 minutes to use for your website. These minutes are applied when you begin to send people to your site. The speed can be adjusted as to how fast those minutes are used. hitleap duration

You be asked to download the Hitleap viewer this is the app that you can use to view other websites and earn free minutes at the same time. You can let this app run in the background you don’t have to literally view other websites. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has you on a limited data plan running this app will use a load of data so you may want to check with your ISP before using this app.

Hitleap has another way to get minutes and that is by purchasing them. And I would also suggest that you upgrade to a premium membership this membership if pretty cheap when compared to other memberships that are out there. $8.00 per month will get full access to all of the tools That Hitleap has to offer.

hitleap buy minutes

The graphic above shows the amount of minutes you can get and the costs for each amount. They can go higher as you can see at the bottom of this graphic.

What are the benefits of using Hitleap?

By using Hitleap you will not only get loads of traffic to your site but this will also help boost your Alexa rating and possibly even your google ranking. Some say that using site like Hitleap for traffic will drive down your bounce rate but I have found that not to be true. In fact because I use Hitleap my bounce rate is down below 5%. This image shows my bounce rate on Google analytics from this very site.

hitleap bounce rate


What do I have to be careful of with Hitleap?

As I mentioned earlier before you start to use the Hitleap viewer be sure to check with your ISP and make sure you have an unlimited data program.This app will use loads of data. There is also a risk of people clicking on your google adsense ads and that could be construed by Google as invalid clicks and they will disable you adsense account for that.

Is there a referral program at Hitleap?

Hitleap does have a good referral program, depending on what membership you have is what determines how much you get paid and how many minutes you inherit from your referrals. The image below shows the earnings you get from each membership. The first column is the free membership, the middle column is the premium lite membership and the third column is the full membership. This also shows the cost for each membership with Hitleap.

hitleap earnings

What I like about Hitleap.

Using Hitleap is a great way to boost your Alexa rating and driving down your bounce rate. The cost is very affordabale.

What I don’t like about Hitleap.

As I am on a limited data use with my ISP I do not run the Hitleap viewer. But that is not really the fault of Hitleap. So I guess there really isn’t much left to say about it. It is a good site to use for getting traffic to your site.

So if you have a newly built website and need to get some traffic going through I suggest you join Hitleap today and begin getting the traffic you need to your Alexa rating up and possibly you’re Google rankings. Click the banner below to join today.

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