Is Dowerly LTD a Scam?

Here is an investment website that I found and all though it can be classified as a hyip the returns daily are really very small. But I have invested the minimum amount just to see how well this site pays. The following review will tell how things are going and if they are living up to their promises.

  • Name: Dowerly Ltd
  • Website:
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Minimum Deposit: $25
  • Operatng time: 330 Days
  • Address: Chynoweth House Blackwater, Apt 3007, Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom, TR4 8UN

What is Dowerly LTD all about?

Dowerly Ltd. claims to be a type of investment company that uses an investment pool to gather together lower investments and making them one big investment, then in turn they use those funds to trade on the stock market supposedly creating larger returns on their investments. After they have received their profits they return a small portion to their investors like me. So basically it is almost like profit sharing. Their membership is small for a hyip and for being online for almost a year. So they not claiming huge amounts of money being paid out in a matter days or anything like that.


What kind of interest does Dowerly LTD pay?

The daily interest varies depending on which plan you choose to invest with. Keep in mind that the most you can earn is 200% on your money and this does not happen overnight. This not like most other hyips they keep the interest low making this company more sustainable than the other hyips that are out there. Your daily earnings vary as well depending on the market and which stocks they have invested in. I have invested $25 in the “Beginner Plan” which pays a total of 130% or $37.50 when my investment matures. I made my investment on 10-26-2016 and as this day 11-17-2016 my earnings are about $4.00 on my $25. The screenshot below is my investment and current earnings. Of course the principle will be returned when my investment matures.


What are the Investment plans offered by Dowerly Ltd?

There are 8 different investment plans to choose from. These all range in in payout and duration they are listed as follows.

  1. Beginner Plan: Up to 1.25% daily until 130% has been made. Estimated time is 110 days. Min. Deposit $25
  2. Beginner Plus Plan: Up to 1.35% daily until 135% has been made. Estimated time is 105 days. Min Deposit $400
  3. Advanced Plan: Up to 1.75% daily until 140% has been made. Estimated time is 95 days. Min Deposit $1000
  4. Advanced Plus Plan: Up to 2% daily until 145% has been made. Estimated time is 80 days. Min Deposit $2500
  5. Professional Plan: Up to 2.5% daily until 150% has been made. Estimated time is 70 days. Min Deposit $5000
  6. Professional Plus Plan: Up to 2.75% daily until 155% has been made. Estimated time is 65 days. Min Deposit $10,000
  7. VIP Plan: Up to 3% daily until 175% has been made. Estimated time is 60 days. Min Deposit $15,000
  8. VIP Plus Plan Up to 3.5% daily until 200% has been made. Estimated time is 60 days. Min Deposit $25,000

What about Dowerly LTD’s referral program?

This is a pretty cool thing about Dowerly LTD. You do not have to make a deposit before you can start referring people to them. In other words it is possible to use other peoples money to make your deposit, not costing you one dime to make money with them. I tried to find the commission rate but I could not find or I just missed it somewhere. At any rate it is still a good program if you can get people to sign up and make their first investment.


Is Dowerly LTD a scam?

From what I can tell it does not appear to be a scam in fact I really cannot call it a hyip because of the slow rate of growth of your investment. I like this because this tells me that it is sustainable and could be around for a very long time. If you have any other information from other members please leave comment below, I welcome all comments and will be happy to reply if needed. Have a great day and as always Cheers!!!