Is Hostgator the Number 1 Hosting Site?

What is the best hosting service on the web today? I have to believe it is In this review I will try to show what Hostgator offers and what you get when you have Hostgator as a partner in your website efforts.

hostgator login


What Does Hostgator Offer?

  • Unlimited Disk space.
  • Hostgator also has unlimited bandwidth.
  • They also have more than 4000 website templates.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • 24/7 Support 365 days a week
  • Money Back guarantee of 45 days
  • One click script installs.
  • And a $100.00 Google Adwords Offer


 How is the Hostgator Support Team?

I have had just a couple issues that I had to deal with support with, but they were very quick to resolve any problem that I had run into. Much faster than any other hosting site that I had dealt with in the past. You will not find another hosting site with this level of support and the speed at which they deal with problems.

hosgator support


How Does Hostgator Benefit my Website?

With Hostgator as your hosting site your bandwidth is unlimited and that means no lag when loading your website no matter how many plugins you have installed. Unlike some other hosting sites that limited their bandwidth and causing your site to load slowly because you have too many plugins. Sometimes you need alot of plugins to make your site run smoothly and just because your hosting site doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle your site shouldn’t be an issue that you need to deal with.

 Is Hostgator Expensive?

Hostgator‘s price is very affordable in my opinion. But that also depends largely on what plan you choose to use. The graphic I have shown below shows the different types of plans that are available for you to choose from. With the support you get and the variety of plans that are available the cost is very affordable for anyone to start and keep a website up and running for a long time.

hostgator hosting


 What Else do You get with Each Hosting Plan From Hostgator?

  • Weebly Free website builder.
  • Free Website and domain transfers to Hostgator.
  • Over 50 scripts that can installed on your site with just one or two  clicks.
  • More than 4000 website templates all for Free.

hostgator guarantee


Hostgator and Reseller Hosting Plans


Hosgators Reseller Hosting Plans makes it possible for you to own hosting business for your clients.  Prices start at $19.96 per month. That’s right you can host your own website and those of others and make money by doing so. The Hostgator Reseller hosting plan comparison chart is below.

hostgator reseller


 Does Hostgator have Dedicated Servers?

Hostgator does have dedicated servers for those clients in need of this type of hosting. This mean that those businesses that have large amounts of traffic each month to their website or sites.


hostgator dedicated

Hostgator in my opinion is simply the best hosting service on the web today. If you are looking for a hosting service for your website look no further than Hosgator. You can not go wrong the price is right, unlimited support, unlimited bandwidth and disk space which means that your site will be lag free. So Why not sign up today by click the banner below and begin to enjoy a lag free website.