this HYIP Site a Scam or is it Paying is another website submitted by one of my visitors. This one has me intrigued. It is a very new website and company. So let’s take a look at what this company has to offer.

  • Name: Investment Solution Leader
  • Website:
  • Security Certificate: Yes
  • Business Model: Forex Trading
  • Insured Deposits: No
  • Incorporated: Yes
  • Verdict: Undecided/ Company is too new

What kind of company is Is-Leader?

From what I have seen with Is-Leader this is a forex trading company that has only been online about 150 days as of the day I am writing this. This could be a problem because I could not find much information on this company other than the site itself. So I will just tell you what I found on the website and tell of any red flags that may be

What is Forex trading?

Forex trading is investing in foreign currencies which in itself has a certain amount of risk involved.

What kind of ROI does IS-Leader claim?


As you can see Is-Leader claims to have an extremely high Return On Investment (ROI) after 80 days. I really find this hard to believe especially for a fore trading site. This for me is red flag. It almost leans towards the ponzi scheme side of things.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A ponzi scheme by definition is a scheme that involves investors that get a great ROI by the company. The company uses new investors money to pay the original investors. Wikipedia gives a very good definition of a ponzi scheme and even the history of it. Click the image below to find out more about ponzi schemes.


How long has Is-Leader been online?

At the time of this article Is-leader has only been online for 150 days, for me that is a bit of a problem. There is not enough trust built up with this company. That doesn’t mean they are fraudulent that just means that it is too young to make any kind of smart decision on whether to invest or not.


Are my deposits Insured with Is-Leader?

As far as I could see there is no insurance on your deposits. This is a real problem for me, because if I want to invest in this forex company I want my deposit to be insured so I know its safe. Forex Paradise is one website that I know my money is safe in. All deposits on there are 100% insured.

What are the HYIP Monitors saying about Is-Leader?

Well I tried to find some info on Is-leader on several different HYIP monitors and there is nothing showing. I did however find a trust monitor and what I found is not something you want to see with any investing site, take a look at this image.


This alone is enough of a red flag to tell me to steer clear of this site, until they become more established and have obtained a better reputation.


  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Live online support
  • Incorporated




  • No Insurance on deposits
  • No Phone Support as of yet
  • Extremely high ROI almost unbelievable


My Final thoughts about Is-Leader.

As a company I cannot say for sure if it is a ponzi scheme or a scam. This company is too new to call it either way. One thing I can say is that if they do not insure deposits I would stay clear of investing any amount of money with them. That does not mean they are a scam all that means is I want my money to be safe with them. There is good place to invest in Forex trading if you are looking to do so and your deposits are insured. Why not go to Forex Paradise and check them out I am sure you will find this site much more promising and you will be at ease when investing with them.

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