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If you are looking for a good keyword tool that has multiple options including site rankings and brainstorming and etc. The Jaaxy is the is the keyword tool for you. I have used this tool for over a year now and it has proved to be an excellent asset in my online marketing businesses. I will give you a preview of what Jaaxy does and some of its options that you can use at your discretion.

Name: Jaaxy

Website: jaaxy.com

Price: Free for 30 searches, Then Pro account: $199/year , Enterprise: $49/month

Owner: Kyle Loudon

Affiliate Program: Yes

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a very powerful and helpful keyword research tool that anyone can use when doing research for a keyword or key phrase when writing an article for their blog or website. This keyword tool is probably the most useful tool a person can have when writing their articles.jaaxy navigation

Jaaxy has everything from keyword search to brainstorming.  Even have a site rank tool that you can use to find where your latest articles have ranked on Google.

How does Jaaxy work?

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a free account where you will get 30 free searches right off the bat. The video below will show in more detail exactly how this works. Be sure to watch the whole video it’s only about 6 minutes long.

What does each membership on Jaaxy offer?

  • With the free membership you get limited access for 30 searches once you have used up your searches your access will be very limited.
  • With the Pro membership you have almost all the same access as the Enterprise membership. The only difference being that you do not have data sorting and it does load a bit slower. I recommend this membership.
  • The Enterprise membership is the same as the Pro membership the difference again is you have data sorting and it does load faster.

jaaxy pricing


What features does Jaaxy have?

Jaaxy has several very helpful features when it comes to keyword research.

  • Alaphabet soup where you just type in a portion of a key phrase and Jaaxy will do the rest and show you the results automatically.
  • You can save your keyword lists right there on the Jaaxy website.
  • You can also look up your search history to see what you have searched for in the past.
  • There is a search analysis tool that can be used to see where a keyword or phrase is ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • There is a site ranking tool that really helps you find out where your articles can be found on Google. I really like this tool the most.


Do I have to upgrade my membership with Jaaxy?

Upgrading your membership is not required but I would highly recommend it so you can take advantage of the features that Jaaxy has to offer. I have a Pro membership myself and I do pay it monthly it costs me $19 a month and worth every penny believe me.

Does Jaaxy have a training program?

There is a training program inside Jaaxy complete with video tutorials showing you how to use Jaaxy to its full potential. This is another great feature that I really like. Because when i first started this it was a bit overwhelming and lets face it I din’t even know what the hell a keyword was!!!

You can even make money with Jaaxy!

Jaaxy has a good affiliate program in place and when you sign up with Jaaxy you automatically will get your own affiliate link you can use anywhere to promote Jaaxy. And the pay outs can be extremely good. Take a look below.

jaaxy referral payout

These amounts that you can earn with Jaaxy are for each referral that upgrades their memberships, so You can do the math and see how much potential there is. Or I will just show you how much potential there is.

jaaxy earning potential

The pro’s of Jaaxy.

I am not sure where to begin, there is so many pro’s of using Jaaxy it hard to point to just a few but I will give it shot.

  • In depth keyword analysis done automatically.
  • On site training on how to use Jaaxy.
  • Site ranking tool that is very useful to anyone who wants to know where their articles are ranking on Google searches.
  • Free membership for 30 searches which can last you for quite awhile.

The Con’s of Jaaxy.

When I joined Jaaxy there was no yearly membership and now I see that the Pro membership is, and I understand that and it is also cheaper in the long run. But I am not a fan of putting that much money upfront like that especially in todays economy.

With that being said I would still recommend Jaaxy to anyone who wants a good keyword tool that offers much more than just searching for the right keywords. So if you want to get your keywords and key phrase that have been analyzed for automatically and you can see where your articles or ranking all on the same site why not JOIN JAAXY TODAY. Tell them Jim sent you lol.


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