8 thoughts on “JobRize-Does it pay?”

  • jimr

    What survey?

  • Barry Aliou

    Comment faire le retrait ? Seul sont les pays qui sont admis à le faire ?

  • jimr

    English please.

  • Marcela

    It says that we must open a survey to get paid. I want to know how to open it as I have already reached 300$.

  • jimr

    I can promise you that you will not get paid! That website is completely fake.

  • Attiq

    I worked for jobrize for one & half month when I reached at 300$ the survey did not open for 3 days, and now the site redirect me to theyouthjob.com.

  • Jim

    That site is most likely a scam also it looks almost identical to the jobrize site. So I know that this is also a scam!

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