JobRize-Does it pay?

This is a website that I saw advertised on Google plus and I thought I would check it out. What I found was quite surprising. Read the review below and you can decide for yourself.

  • Name: Job Rize
  • Website:
  • Business Model: Affiliate Marketing/MLM
  • Rating: 0/100
  • Verdict: Scam
  • Licensed: No
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Cost: Free


How does JobRize work?

Jobrize is an advertising company that gets paid from its advertisers and when they have traffic sent to their websites they pay Jobrize. So basically you are sending traffic to the advertisers that have accounts with Jobrize. According to Jobrize they can offer this opportunity for free because of its advertisers.

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How does JobRize pay their affiliates?

After you have reached the minimum threshold of $300 you will be allowed to fill out the withdrawal form and will be allowed to withdraw immediately. At least this is what they claim. There is a MLM in place and you will make money from your down line as well. This image below will show you how this is supposed to work. You have the choice of payment options including Paypal, Check, or bank transfer.


What kind of advertising tools does JobRize offer?

Unfortunately the only advertising tool that is available is the affiliate link that you are given when you sign up with JobRize. In my opinion banner ads would help this company to no end. Affiliate links are ok but banner ads are more visible and people do click on them.

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Are there any payment proofs from JobRize clients?

This too is something that I have not seen on the website, this is why I have with held any type of rating or verdict on this website. I really don’t know if it is a scam or not. If it is, at least it does not cost anything to find out.

How do I promote JobRize?

The way to promote Jobrize is to place your affiliate link in places like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and your own blog if you happen to have one. I have used and that has proved to be very successful in reaching loads of people for free.


How much money can I make with JobRize?

There are no limits as to how much money you can make with Jobrize. It all depends on how hard you work promoting their website. Some top earners according to them are making $200 to $5000 per day. I am finding hard to believe that anyone is making $5000 a day from this.


What do I like about JobRize?

  • Free to join and never have to pay a fee to anyone.
  • Easy to understand program
  • Fairly easy to promote
  • There is an anti cheat program in place. (cannot use sites like microworkers to get clicks)
  • You must log in at least once every 30 days to keep your account active.

What I do not like about JobRize.

  • Website has a problem loading at times
  • No banner ads to use for promoting
  • Payout threshold a little high but not that bad.
  • Website is a little confusing on payouts one part says bi weekly and another says monthly.

My final thoughts about the JobRize opportunity.

This website is pretty much a fake so I would not even bother checking it out. You will be just wasting your time as my updated below has stated.

Update on JobRize after further research.

I have done some further researching and have found that this site is a big SCAM. The only people that make any money is the owners of the website. They do not pay their affiliates for all the promoting they do. So DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH JOBRIZE.


Cheers, Jim

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