JVzoo Affiliate Program-Does this really work?

About a week ago I signed up to become a member of the JVzoo Affiliate Program, and I must say that so far it is a huge disappointment. I have followed their teachings and probably even did more than they have taught and so far I have seen $0 in commissions.

Name: JVZoo

Website: JVZoo.com

Price: Free to Join

Products: Digital Products for Online Marketing


Commissions: 50-100% depending on vendor

What is JVZoo?

JVZoo is a website that sells digital products mostly having to do with email marketing and list building. Very similar to clickbank. There are tons of products there and in my opinion most of them are just plain junk. The claims made by some of it’s affiliate are a bit outlandish and they say they got proof of how much money they make with JVZoo. Below is a screenshot of what one affiliate claims he makes with JVZoo, keep in mind that these can be faked.jvzoo affiliate dashboard


How does the JVZoo affiliate program work?

The JVZoo affiliate program is really very simple. Once you have signed up for the affiliate program you need to search for products to promote and then you must apply to approved to promote that product, which usually takes a short period of time, usually in less than one day.

jvzoo affiliate dashboard2

Once you get approved you will get that products affiliate link and the you can post it anywhere you think that will sell the product. Usually in place like facebook,twitter and Google+. I personally use Google+ and I purchase network ads on adhitz.com. And I have to admit I do get visitors to the products but getting to buy is a different story.

Now I am going to show you my latest report from JVZoo and you can compare that to the one above and see for yourself that something is clearly wrong and I have done exaclty the same things to promote products as the member above has done.

jvzoo my report


Does JVZoo have a support system?

jvzoo support

The so called support system that JVZoo has is pretty much non-existant. I had an issue and submitted several support tickets and never heard a word back in any way. So in my opinion there is no support at JVZoo at all.

Can you really make money with JVZoo?

I do believe you can make money with JVZoo and they do pay on time. But is their products worth the money they sell? If I were looking today for an affiliate program I do not think I could recommend JVZoo as good program to start with or even at all. There are many other ways to make money online with using crappy digital products as a means of making money. And that is pretty much what JVZoo has to offer. Although I will say there a few products that aren’t bad and I do use one of them myself.


Is there something better than JVZoo?

There are better ways to make money online other than using people like JVZoo. How about building a website and then finding a product that you can promote through your website like this one. Or you could promote a good product by purchasing ads on places like adhitz.com or Google Adsense. These do cost money but for the most part are relatively cheap.

If you want to build an online store there is a theme that I use for my own online store it is very easy to set up and it is also SEO friendly and works very well with Amazon and Ebay. It is called the Cover Store Builder and it is a good program to get you started with an online store.

You can check out the Covert Store Builder by clicking on the banner below and decide for yourself if this is something that looks appealing to you.



What I like about JVZoo.

I like the way JVZoo pays out, I have never heard any complaints about not getting paid on time. And I like the way the website is setup and the ease of picking products. I only found one so far that is any good.

What I don’t like about JVZoo.

The support at JVZoo is pretty much not there. There is no live interaction with anyone there. So if you need help with anything you are pretty much screwed.

Do I recommend JVZoo affiliate program?

In a word NO. I am not saying that this is a scam because it is not. But there are many other programs on the internet that offer better quality products and have a much better support system than JVZoo.

My updated opinion about JVzoo.

Don’t waste your time trying to promote anything from this site because nothing sells. Any numbers you may have seen about sales and how much money you could make are fake as far as I can see the only people making money are the people who you are promoting their product for.

If you find this information helpful please leave any comments or thoughts you have below. 

Cheers, Jim