Marlive-Scam or Legit? is another site that one of my readers has asked to be reviewed. So I will do my best to give an honest review and opinion of this auto trading site. I have not reached any kind of verdict on this site yet as I need to hear from others that have participated in this system.

  • Name: Marlive Automated Forex Trading
  • Website:
  • Secure site: Yes
  • Company Registration: 09582389
  • Address: 83 Baker Street. London W1U 6AG, UK
  • Phone: +44 20 3514 7545
  • Min deposit: $10 USD


What is Marlive?

Marlive is a forex trading website that uses an automated system they call “MATS”, which stands for Marlive Automated Trading System. Personally I have not tried the system out as of yet but it does look like it would be interesting.

How does Marlive work?

Marlive uses the MATS system to trade or maybe I should say when you make your first deposit you will be placing your money into the MATS system and it will do the trading for you. So there really is no need to know much about forex trading. Your investment will continue to grow until you max out at 160% of your initial investment.


Is Marlive trustworthy?

The lastese news I have is that Marlive has turned into a scam like most HYIP’s do. Its really too bad because they had a good thing going until the deposits dropped off and they couldnt pay people any more just like a Ponzi scheme which it probably was from the begining.


What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can withdraw?

Marlive has set up the withdrawals very nicely with a minimum of $.01 and there is no maximum that you can withdraw. Although your processor may have limits n how much you can transfer to your bank each day.

What e-currencies does Marlive accept?

Marlive accepts 3 different e-currency processors and these are: Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Payeer. Personally I am not a fan of any of these but that is all they will accept. Perfect Money can not be used here in the USA and Payeer is kind of a pain in butt to use. Bitcoin may be the choice in this instance.


Can I use affiliate earnings to use as my deposit?

Yes Marlive will credit your account when you have a referral that makes a deposit your earning will be from 1-3% of your referrals deposit. You can then make a direct deposit from your balance to the MATS system and begin to start earning profits every day.

Can I have more than one account with Marlive?

Unfortunately you are only allowed one account with Marlive. But if you are making good money why would you need more than one?

Will I earn interest payments to my account 7 days a week?

The MATS system can make profits in the forex trading market 5 1/2 days a week. Monday through Thursday the forex trading market is open 24 hours. On Fridays the forex market is open from 0:00 GMT to 10:00 p.m. GMT. There is no trading on Saturdays and there is only 2 hours of trading done so you can make a small amount profit then. For more info on market hours you can click here.

My thoughts on Marlive trading systems.

Personally this looks like a good opportunity for anyone who wants to make money in the forex market that does not know much about trading. I have not seen anything negative in my research of this company and it looks like it is set up for sustainability. If anyone has any experience with this company In would love to hear from them them and let me know how well it is working.

What are some clients saying about Marlive?

I have a quote below from one of Marlive’s clients. I had a short discussion with him on facebook and this is what he said: “Marlive is one of the best source of income online, This is not coming under HYIP or REVshare.Group of professional traders trade in forex,crypto currency market and make daily profits.Marlive provides a return of 3.2% to 3.8% daily, you might think it is too low, but that is not the case, both principal and interest is included in the daily profit. Another good thing is withdrawal is instant,you can set up automatic withdrawal as well. It goes to your e-wallet account directly.
The ewallet allowed are PM, bitcoin and Payeer.If you still feel , this revenue is too low, then you can go behind HYIP and lose every thing you have”.


My verdict on Marlive is: Scam!


It looks like Marlive may have turned into a scam .. The automatic payments have stopped and there is no movement on anything. I do not recommend investing at this time until further notice!  The website is now gone so that pretty much confirms that Marlive was a scam!

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