10 thoughts on “Merchant Shares-An Honest Review”

  • David Chung

    Of course, it is a scam. Merchant Shares is registered in a hotel in Dominica. This just says it all.
    The company doesn’t buy any stock. It’s a classical pyramid scheme.

  • Hi
    How long does it take for the investent to reach 150%? is that in day, how many days or what factors are considered.

  • admin

    Have you lost money with them?

  • admin

    It takes a bit of time, its not like 150% in 3 days or anything like that.

  • Noah

    Just wondering if this is still a legit company to invest in

  • admin

    As far as I know it is still going good.

  • Merchant Shares is the best EVER!!! Been getting instant withdraws from them since December 2014!!! In total profit now and now have over $2,000 in future profit…I have all my progress on Facebook! Check it out!!

  • Mickie

    consider this VIDEO REPORT before investing your hard earned money here

  • admin

    I have made over $300 so far with this company and there is no sign of it being a scam at all. And obviously you have no idea what a pyramid scheme is!

  • Angie

    oh oh i sit out this

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