Million Leads for Free-What is it and Does it Work?

Online marketing today depends heavily on advertising and when you can get good advertising for free who wouldn’t take advantage of it. Million Leads For Free seems like a good way to get your message out for free or very little cost to you. I am using this site at this very moment and within 60 seconds of posting my message I was told that I had a hit on the site I was promoting. Now that got my attention! 

miilion leads for free welcome

Name: Million Leads for Free


Price: Free/ with optional upgrades

Owner: Unknown

Rating: 70/100

What is Million leads for free?

Million Leads for free is an advertising program that gives you 5000 leads to post your ads to just for looking at 10 ads of other advertisers. This is great for entrepreneurs that have a small advertising budget. Just think 5000 leads to post your ad to that is 1,850,000 per year! That’s pretty good for a site that gives this for free!!!

million leads for free tutorial

How does million leads for free work?

When you sign up at million leads for free you are directed to view at least 10 ads per day in order to get your 5000 leads for that day. After you have viewed at least 10 ads you will be able to post your ad to 5000 leads from your open contacts box. And you can do this once a day, everyday what a great way to advertise your website business or product that you are promoting.million-leads-for-free-message-box

And if you want to post to more than 5000 you can do that but you have to pay form them or earn them by referring people to million leads for free.


Is there any upfront cost with million leads for free?

This is the great thing about million leads for free, there is absolutely no cost whatsoever to get your ad in front of 5000 leads. There are some options that you can purchase if you like. Some of these are purchasing subscribers, or a direct website link, buy leads for daily posts and also solo ads.million leads for free advertising

What are the benefits of using million leads for free?

The benefits of using million leads for free should be apparent. There is no cost to use this site and you get 5000 leads right off the bat all for nothing. What other site on the internet can claim that! Even if you decide to buy some advertising on there the cost is still pretty affordable.

Testimonials from current users of million leads for free.

There are some testimonials for the users of million leads for free I will just put a couple on here and you can see more by clicking here.



Is there a support system with million leads for free?

The only support I could find on this site is the tutorial page. But after actually using the site myself I found that there is really no need for a support staff. This site pretty much operates itself. I have never had a problem using this site myself and I have some success with it.

The Chaotic Company

Pros of million leads for free?

  • Its FREE!!!
  • Easy to use
  • 5000 leads per day, every day
  • Did I mention its FREE!!!

What are the Cons?

None that I have found as of yet.

My final opinion of Million Leads for Free.

Without sounding like a high pressure salesman, a person would be remiss if he didn’t use this site for promotion products, websites, companies and etc. So if you are short on cash and need some traffic and want to promote anything Million Leads for free is the place to start!!!

I give this site a big thumbs up!!!!thumbs up

So why not check it out today? Click the banner below to get started.

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