Mountain Class – What is it?

Mountain Class is a website I was asked to check out and see what it was and how it works, etc. So I have made a small deposit to see how it pays and how long it takes. As far as I can tell it is another HYIP program, so I will see what happens in the next month or so.

  • Name: MountainClass Endless Heights
  • Website:
  • Security Certificate: yes
  • Business Model: HYIP
  • Owners: Trade Alliance Consultants LTD
  • Certified: Yes #9895269
  • Address: 25 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3NX, UK
  • Verdict: SCAM!

What is Mountian Class?

Mountain Class is indeed another hyip program that is very new on the internet. For that reason alone it would be a good time to get in and make a bit of money now because like most other hyip’s I am guessing this will probably disappear after a few months. I have invested a small amount and have received my first payout already on the one day plan.

What are the investments plans?

There are a total of 6 different investment plans with Mountain Class and each of those plans has 6 different return percentages. It is a bit like having 36 different choices as to how you want to invest your money.


  1. Plan 1 pays up to 130% after only one day. The minimum is $10 and the maximum deposit is $30,000.00
  2. Plan 2 pays up to 65% after 3 days. The minimum deposit is the same as plan 1.
  3. Plan 3 pays up to 270% after 5 days. And again the minimum and maximums are the same.
  4. Plan 4 pays up to 500% after 10 days . Same as above.
  5. Plan 5 pays up to 1000% after 20 days. Ditto
  6. Plan 6 pays up to 1500% after 30 days. Ditto again!

Mountain Class Affiliate Program.

Mountain Class has an affiliate program that does pay pretty well. The commissions are 2% of the investment your referral makes and 1% of the investment on level 2, which would be your referrals referral. I like this because when a hyip offer high commissions that usually adds the failure of the hyip. If you want to know what to look for in a good hyip program you can read about it here. Kiran offers a great way to succeed with any hyip program. The one thing about Mountain Class is that you must make a deposit before you can promote the program.


What are the HYIP monitors saying about Mountain Class?

I have checked with the hyip monitors and and they are reporting that Mountain Class is not Paying. This is really surprising I have never seen a HYIP go to scam after only 12 days. This just happened in the last 48 hours I have lost approximately $150 in bitcoin.

mountain-class-hyip-monitors mountain-class-hyip-monitors-2 mountain-class-hyip-monitors-3



How can you make a deposit with Mountain Class?

After you choose your payment processor you can make a deposit using that processor and your returns will be added to that processor. The processors that are accepted are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Neteller, AdvCash and Nix Money. I use Bitcoin as it is the easiest for me being in the U.S.A and the withdrawals are generally quicker.


What is our recommendation of Mountain Class?

Since I first wrote this review Mountain Class seems to have gone to being a SCAM! I do not recommend anyone invest any money into this website. The admin is gone and no longer answers the support chat. I was totally surprised that this hyip went scam after only 12 days online. Stay away from this one!!