My Email Mentor-Scam or Legit?

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Today I signed up on an email marketing site called My Email Mentor. I figured it was free to sign what do I have to lose? What I found was several red flags that made me question this site and if it really worked. Almost every site like this is a scam and I am not sure if this one is any different. When some says they will give you $100 just to get you enrolled that raises red flags to me right off the bat. So let’s take a look at what My Email Mentor is really about.

  • Name: My Email Mentor
  • Website:
  • Owner: Bobby B.
  • Price: Free to Join
  • Upsells: Absolutely
  • Rating: 0/100
  • Verdict: 100% SCAM

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What does My Email Mentor do?

Basically My Email Mentor is site where you are helping Billy B. send out mass emails because most hosters have a limit on how many emails can be sent every day. So we are really his worker bees and he gets his emails sent out. All this without getting into trouble from any hosting site. My guess is he has his own hosting server now so he can send umlimited emails he can send.

How Does My Email Mentor work?

First thing at My Email Mentor is that you sign up for free. You watch the welcome video and continue through all the steps listed at the right hand side of the page. my email mentor startOnce you are signed up and got through step 1 you must go onto to step 2, this is where the word free goes out the window. The step says sign up for your free email sending account which is a little misleading you really need to pay $1 for the first 30 days and then it is $47 per month after that. So get your credit card out!!

Is My Email Mentor really free?

Like I said above it is free to join but if you want to send out emails you need to pay the $1 for the first month and $47 a month after that. And I can guarantee you that you probably will not make enough on the first month to pay for your $47/month fee.The image at the right is my real commission for today and I just signed up or at least thats what they are claiming, I can’t say I am buying email mentor commission

Here’s the thing that got my attention at My Email Mentor, I saw the offer for $100 just for signing up (this also raised a red flag for me) but I went for it. And sure enough after I got through the sign up process i saw that I had $100 in my commissions, at least that’s what it said on the website. Which really doesn’t mean anything until you get the money.

What kind of support does My Email Mentor have?

My Email Mentor has a very poor support system as far as I can tell. I had an issue and still do of sorts with the email list they uploaded to me. I got 534 email addresses and 533 of them were invalid.(BIG RED FLAG AGAIN)

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I contacted support and at the time of me writing this review I have not heard a word from them. So in my opinion there is no support at My Email Mentor at all except for a few FAQ answers. Ok it’s been a couple hours now and I finally got a response from support and they fixed my issue.

How do you get paid from My Email Mentor?

The program is fairly simple at My Email Mentor, you send out emails and you get $.20 per click. This could be a good thing if it really works and it really pays. The downside is the payment threshold is $400 and I am quite sure you will have at least $95 invested before you hit that mark. And you can not get paid until you have paid the $47 monthly fee so you cannot use the funds you have accumulated to pay your monthly fee.

What I like about My Email Mentor.

I like My Email Mentor for the system he has set up. I think it could work very well if it is run properly.

Forex Paradise LTD

What I don’t like about My Email Mentor.

  • I don’t like the fact that support is pretty slow to act, but they did get the job done.
  • The pay threshold is very high.
  • Website is not the best it is slow and sometimes very hard to login to.
  • Very misleading advertising.

My Final decision on My Email Mentor.

Well I have not really made a final decision yet on My Email Mentor yet, but I am leaning toward the scam side. There is just too many red flags for me. I will revise this review if I am wrong and I will know more by the end of June so please check back then. Updates have been added below.


I would love some feedback on this article if you have had some experience with My Email Mentor let me know how it went and what is your opinion of this website. Leave your comments below thanks. 

Update for this review.

Final Verdict on My Email mentor is that it is a huge SCAM!!!!

Here is  a quote from one of the people that helped promote that program and you can read his comments below also!!!


“My email mentor is a big SCAM….. Buyer beware…… If you want to know how I know they are a scam…….because I use to be part of the program promoting it very heavily until it was time to cash out on my commissions and then I get a email from them trying to explain why they were not going to pay me. I have enclosed the email below for your viewing. BUYER BEWARE …….. I going to devote a great deal of my time and energy to tell as many people as I can contact to stay away from theses low life Bastards.

Good morning and thank you for your email.

Let’s talk a second about the commissions and why the amounts have been reduced.

There are usually 2 reasons for the reduction in commissions.

1. First is because of fraudulent clicks. Not on your part, but as a part of the overall Email Marketing community, fraudulent clicks are something that happen every day, and cannot be avoided. That being said, in accordance with number 8 of the Terms and Conditions agreed to when becoming a member, and shown at the bottom of every page, which states: “8. Every month, before commissions are paid, MyEmailMentor runs a rigorous click cleaning system that identifies all fraudulent clicks. Fraudulent clicks include but are not limited to those coming from unacceptable countries, clicks coming from blacklisted IP Address, Automated Click Systems, Automated BOTs, clicks associated with known spam traps and multiple clicks coming from the same IP Address. These clicks are removed before commissions are paid and may have an impact on the total commission numbers.”

2. The second is because some of the members that were on a members second level were not in compliance with the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, which are at the bottom of every page of the website. Namely, the members were not in compliance with numbers 7 of the terms and conditions, because they were not members in good standing with Email Response Pros or an approved Email Sending Company. If a member did not pay for their Email Response Pros account in June, then they are not a member in good standing and thus are in violation of number 7 of the terms.

In the end, we are looking for, and working with long term partners. We do everything we can to protect ourselves all from potential fraud that could hurt not only our members, but the company as a whole.

In the past we’ve had people sign up themselves, a friend or an entire group of people, for the free trial period, let their their clicks build up for a week, then never pay, and do it over and over again, which builds the second level clicks of the main person, all of which are fraudulent. The way we combat this and protect all of our members is that if someone joins the trial period and then does not pay for the Email Sending company, then the user is made inactive and all of their clicks are reversed. This keeps the incentive to commit fraud away and is one of the reasons why we are so successful.

We work hard to make all of our partners successful. Once set up, I think you’ll agree that there is no simpler system anywhere, and thus there is no reason for any one to quit, once they join. So if they decide to leave, during the trial period, then we have no choice but to protect ourselves and our successful members by taking action.

Hope this helps explain not only what happened but illustrates why it happens and why it has to happen.

Thanks for your email,”

Kevin Andrews
Chief Operations Officer


Cheers, Jim