7 thoughts on “My Paying Ads-What is it and Does it Pay?”

  • Noah

    Thanks for the breakdown, Jim. I’m curious on how this will hold up in the long-term. Could become the next big online advertising thing that people ride on and start making full-time money from, or it could fade into obscurity in the coming years and we reflect. I see its got potential to go either way, but fingers crossed.

    Put $25 into it tonight. I wanted to do $300 but I’m skeptical to see how long it takes to mature and the whole schematics of things. If it holds out, I’d just keep reinvesting the full 100% and add in a small amount (25-100) a month to bolster it as I rise up through it. The 30/70 makes sure that you’re sticking it out so it remains lively, which is a plus.

    I struggle to think that even with a 10k investment alone, I could see 5k profit and daily earnings of 360 on near auto-pilot but I am going to verify it at the core before considering investing larger amounts.

  • jimr

    It looks like it will hold up for awhile. They are now teamed up with Zukul to get guaranteed sign ups when you use the special JVZoo link to join. This however will cost you $99 up front and then $49 a month there after. It is not required that you join. I have seen my money begin to grow already and I started with $20. Did you sign up through this website?

  • Mark

    You said that you started with $20, then you said you started with $200. Which is the truth?

  • Jim

    That was a typo. I started with $20. You can’t even tell a typo?

  • i have created an account, however when i click on overview, it tells me that account type is unpaid

  • Jim

    Did you purchase adpacks or shares with them? If not you are considered unpaid.

  • Chris Ogbaisi

    How do I fund my account. I need to buy adpacks

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