My Paying Ads-What is it and Does it Pay?

My Paying Ads is a site that was referred to me from a friend. So I took a look and decided to give this try to see how it works and if I can make a little money with it. The following review is what I have experienced this far in this venture.

  • Name: My Paying Ads
  • Website:
  • Cost: Free to Join
  • Upsells: Yes/ Purchasing Adpacks
  • Security Certificate: Yes
  • Verdict: Legit but not paying as well as it used to.

What is My Paying Ads?

My paying ads is pretty much like any other revenue sharing site. But I have found that it is pretty easy to watch your money grow. It may not be get rich overnight type of money but none the less it does make money for you. navigating the website is pretty easy to do and there are plenty of advertising tools for people to use when promoting this site.


How does My Paying Ads work?

The way this program works is quite simple. The first you want to do is to join for free. You can earn a small amount of money by surfing ads for free. But in order to make even more money you will need to purchase adpacks which start at $1.00 each. Then you must surf 10 ads each day and just sit back and watch your money start to grow as your adpacks mature. There is no set time limit as to how long it takes for each adpack to mature. Personally I started with $20 in adpacks but I soon found out if you start with around $100 or $200 in adpacks your money will grow even faster.

You have to buy shares starts from $1,$3,$5,$7,$10,$20,$30,$40 and $50 except the $50, max you can hold is 200 shares at a time, so every plan , you get 120% to 150% return once the share is grown. This is the first income source.

Second income is company shares the income what they receive in every 30 min, if a lot of members are buying this shares, the income will be shared in every 30 min, you don’t believe I just started yesterday, to be precise , I just completed 21 hrs, I started with $20, now I have $218 shares , that means in 24 hrs I got $7-8 return , out of that ,some $2.5 will be in cash account and $5.5 is in repurchase , 30/70 percent — 30% goes to cash account and 70% goes to repurchase account which you cannot withdraw.


Is My Paying Ads legal?

This is perfectly legal program that they offer. In order for an offer to be legal they must offer a product or service in exchange for money. They do this by by giving the member Business credits that is 20 credits for each $1 spent.


Can I have multiple accounts with My Paying Ads?

Unfortunately they do not allow more than one account per person. But in reality there is no need for more than one account. You can make enough money with just one account just by purchasing more adpacks.

What kind of Money Can be Made with My Paying Ads?

The goal with My Paying Ads is to get to 200 shares on each level. As you do the out of pocket expense disappears and the system will pay for itself while leaving you with a nice profit that you may withdraw at any time. Below is a calculator that estimates how much can be earned with My Paying Ads overtime.


What payment processors does My Paying Ads use?

My Paying Ads uses 3 different processors for payment to and from their program, these include Paypal, Payza and SolidTrustPay. When you make a purchase with these processors the payment are processed immediately on show up on the website.

Can I get a refund from My Paying Ads?

Due to the products offered and because they are intangible there are no refunds from My Paying Ads. This is understandable since what they offer cannot be returned to them. Also referral commissions and profit sharing are all done automatically and cannot be reversed.

What kind of support does My Paying Ads have?

The only support I can find on My Paying Ads is a ticket system which seems to be still a little under par. But they do have a disclaimer that explains how to handle tickets that have not been addressed.

My Paying Ads Payment Proofs.

I have a screen shot of the latest payouts at the time of this article but this changes all the time and you will see it change at the top of My Paying Ads website.


As you can see the payouts are pretty good.

My recommendation for My Paying Ads.

As far as I can tell and what I have experienced with My Paying Ads this is good site to make money with. It is legit and they are paying. So if you are looking to make money online without hassle or problems with support why join for free today and begin surfing your way to making good money online.


Update on My Paying Ads

There has been a development in My Paying Ads that is no fault of it’s own. It is however the fault of Paypal. It seems that Paypal has put a limit on their account and so Uday the owner of MPA has shutdown all processors for the time being. From what I can tell Uday has been co-operating fully with Paypal to get this matter resolved. But if I know Paypal they could take as long as they want to finish their review of My Paying Ads. This has put a strain on the company as wells as its members. I do NOT believe that this will shut down MPA and I have complete confidence that this will get resolved so keep surfing and repurchasing your adpacks as much as you are able. This will pass and things will get back to normal.

Second Update on My Payiing Ads controversy

Well the final word is in and that is that Paypal will not work with My Paying Ads and thereby MPA is changing its payouts and how much you earn on ad shares. This is not good news to those of us who had started to make some progress in the company. The earnings went for 150% to 120% return on each share. And there is more changes that are quite frankly a bit confusing to me. So with that I have decided to get out out of MPA and file a claim with Paypal in order to get at least some of my money back. I am not saying it is a scam but it is not as good as it once was.

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