Nano 11- Is it Trustworthy or Scam?


  • Name: Nano Technologies Investments
  • Website:
  • Number of Days Active: 484
  • Secure website: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Business Model: HYIP/PONZI
  • Admin: Mark Dronvil

What is Nano 11 and how can you get started?

Now I am not going to even pretend that I know anything about Nano Technology. But as I was looking at this company I was surprised to see that they go into great detail explaining how they make money. It is a hyip program but it looks to be a bit different. Its pretty unusual for a hyip program to last for more than a month or or 2 but this one seems to be sustainable as it has been online for over a year now and looks to be going forward pretty well.

Getting started with Nano 11 is pretty easy.

To get started with Nano 11 all you need to is to register your account for free by submitting your name and username and password. No activation is required at the time of your registration. nano-11-stats

What investment plans are available with Nano 11?

There are 3 different investment programs that you can invest in. I have to admit that some of these returns on investment raise a red flag for me. The first plan pays up to 4% daily for 64 days depending on how much you invest.


The second plan claims to pay up to 1111% after 90 days. Now this is where the red flags start to show. 1111% is a very high return and I am guessing that they have never paid that to anyone.


The 3rd investment plan 12% daily and after 15 calendar days. This plan starts at $150. If any of these are true it would be great!




What do I have to do to make money with Nano 11?

As far as making money with Nano 11 you really don’t have to do a thing after your have made your investment through one of their processors. You can also make money by referring others to the Nano 11 website and you will get 7% of their investment. No clicking ads or buying adpacks with Nano 11.


Are there any guarantees with Nano 11?

As with any investment program there are no guarantees that you will make any money at all. I could not find anyone who has been paid a large amount of money from Nano 11. But I do know one of my friends that has been paid smaller amounts of money from them.

How can Nano 11 offer such a high ROI?

My guess is that this is probably a PONZI scheme. There is no way in hell that anyone can pay out 1111% and still be sustainable. I am very surprised that they have been online for over a year, usually schemes like this are gone within a few months. The website itself looks very good. They have done a great at creating a nice and professional looking website with many features that most hyips do not have.

What are the hyip monitors saying about Nano 11?

I have checked with and they all have their status as PAYING. Despite all the red flags that I have seen they are paying. I am not saying that you can not make money with Nano 11 but I would advise to invest cautiously, smaller amounts would be advisable.



What is my advice on Nano 11?

This one is hard to call for sure a scam, because up to this point they are paying. But if you do decide to join just be very cautious with your money. My guess is that this is a PONZI scheme and will most likely end at some point in the future. So I will leave this one up to you to decide whether to join or not. I believe I may try it with a very minimum deposit just to see if they are paying or not.

Update May 28,2016

It appears that Nano 11 has disappeared from the web. Just like most other hyips do. So I guess this is now officially a SCAM. It’s to bad because they were doing very well.