Oil Arab – Too Good to be True!

I saw this website advertised on Facebook today so I thought it would be worth a look and see what this is all about!


  • Name: Oil Arb LTD
  • Website: https://oil-arabltd.com
    10TH FLOOR
    M3 3HF
  • Phone: +44 203 3182890
  • Status: SCAM/PONZI

What is Oil Arab?

Oil Arab is just another hyip program with some very impressive claims. The return on investment is really too good to be true. And you what they say about that! The website itself reminds me of a couple other oil investment programs that were scams right from the start. Even one of the pics that is used looked familiar to me and I knew it was from one of those other oil investment hyips. This company really smells of scam right from the start, it has all the claims that a hyip scam always makes. Let’s start with the investment plans it offers.


What investment plans does Oil Arab have?

Oil Arab offers very generous invest plans beginning with 300% return on investment for 6 hours!! Now when I saw this a huge red flag popped into my mind. You have to ask your self how is it possible to make 300% in 6 hours on any investment program? I can tell you right now that the only possible explanation would be is that this is probably a ponzi scheme that will not last long at all. There is no way that in the stock market anyone can payout 300% in 6 hours and stay in business. Take a look at the image below pretty impressive huh?


What about the referral program?

The referral program is pretty impressive as well with the claim of 15% of your referrals deposits. Now for a company to be sustainable this high commission rate along with the high ROI would have to be much, much lower. When I see these 2 things together in one company my mind tells me that this is a probable ponzi scheme. That’s not to say you won’t make money at first because that is the idea with ponzi schemes, they lure people in with huge payouts and they do pay them for a few months and then with no warning they stop paying and they are gone.


What are the hyip monitors saying about Oil Arab?

I have done an exhaustive search and I could not find any monitors for Oil Arab. I could not even find any reviews for this company. This is probably due to the fact that the company is very new. I am sure when the hyip monitors start reporting they will say they are paying because they will pay at first like I mentioned above. If you do decide to make an investment do so with caution, and take your money and run!

Is there a support system with Oil Arab?

Yes they claim to have a support team in place but when I went to click on the email link it did not work. There is also an online form you can fill out and submit, and they claim they will respond promptly. My guess they won’t answer at all.

What do I like about Oil Arab?

Well about the only I do like is the website itself. It is very well done and looks very real. But I am willing to bet that it’s as fake as the company is.

What I don’t like about Oil Arab.

  1. ROI is way too high and too short of period of time
  2. Commissions are too high for the company to be sustainable.
  3. Some if the images used on the website look very familiar to other oil investment scam sites.
  4. It’s just too good to be true, so I am sure that it probably is a scam of some kind.



If you have any information on this company please feel free to leave a comment below we are always looking for credible information on the websites we review.