6 thoughts on “Oil Arab – Too Good to be True!”

  • Felix

    So to make things a little bit more clear.

    My first invest to OilArab Ltd. Was today about 8 o clock GMT +2

    It really showed up 300$ after I deposited 100$. But the Payout is SCAM!!!

    Requested a Withdraw with 100$
    But they acctually paid 5$ into my account…

  • jhon alexis

    hi admin,

    i need your review about investment company nano.com please send me your review to my email or your posting to your site.


  • They do false payouts!! You put in a request for withdrawal and 6 hours later they send you an email stating that your requested withdrawal has been processed. When you log into your Oil Arab account and check withdrawal history it shows they paid out the cash into your e-currency account but you never receive the money!! SCAM from day 1!!! STAY AWAY!!!

  • No pleas stay away guys oil of Arab is scam, they dont pay at oil

  • giga

    its closed

  • Brad

    Scam. I invested the very minimum and it was never updated to my account from Bitcoin. Do not invest with this company. PLEASE DON’T—-

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