Oil FmLtd-Scam or Legit?


What is Oil FmLtd?

When I first saw this site I was quickly reminded of another oil trading site that was a scam right from the start. The website looks almost identical to oilincomes.com which you can read about in another review I have on this site. They claim to have been around for about 6 years in the United Kingdom which I am pretty sure is huge lie. They even go so far as to show a phony certificate of incorporation on their site. It would be very easy for someone without much knowledge to be completely fooled by this site because it looks very real!

What does Oil fmltd claim to payout?

The return on investment is very impressive when you look at it. It ranges from 8% for 15 days to 500% for 5 days! The minimum deposit is $10 and the max is $60,000. I can’t even imagine anyone taking that big of a risk on a website that has only been around for a couple months.


The image above gives you and idea of what Oil FmLtd claims to payout. If you believe that sort of crap.

What are the Hyip monitors saying about Oil FmLtd?

The monitors that I have checked do not give Oil FmLtd a favorable rating. In fact the comments came right out and called this site a scam and they do not pay anything! My first clue that this was a scam was the fact that one of their so called representatives is Marc Feldman this is the same guy that ran the Oilincomes.com site. That was a dead give away for me. That and the fact the website looked like a cookie cutter website to me.


What is a cookie cutter website?

A cookie cutter website is a website that looks a lot like another site that you may have stumbled on. They are very easy to put online and they look very professional and could easily fool anyone that had no idea what to look for when checking out different online opportunities. This particular site looked alot like the Oilincomes website so I got suspicious right off the bat.


Oil Fmltd is a SCAM!!

What other investing options are there?

I have researched a lot of investing sites in the past year or so and have that almost all HYIP’s are scams. I do not recommend anyone to invest any money in any site that claims pay you a high return in a very short period of time because I can almost guarantee that it is a ponzi scheme at best or just a big scam. There is not many online today that are legit and we here at onlinescamguard.com only endorse the site that we know are legit and live up to their claims.


What investing site do we endorse?

I have been with a company for about 6 months now and never have had any trouble getting paid. This company has been around for about 2 years now and they deliver everything they claim to. I figure why waste your time and money on these HYIP’s that just take your money and then run. The company I am talking about is called Forex Paradise, the only forex site that we here at onlinescamguard.com have found to be honest and live up to their claims. Just the fact that they insure your deposit 100%. There is no other forex trading site on the internet that can make that claim. If you are looking to make an investment and not have to worry about if your money is safe then you need to go to Forex Paradise. You can read more about them by clicking here. Or just click the banner below and see what they have to offer.


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