Oil Incomes-This is a SCAM!

I joined this website for free and got some referrals and this Oil Incomes is not what it appears to be.

  • Name: Oil Incomes
  • Website: https://oilincomes.com
  • Business Model: Investments
  • Address: Commercial Bank Plaza Level 14, Commercial Bank Plaza West Bay, Doha Qatar
  • Verdict: SCAM
  • Start Date: November 9,2015

Who is Oil Incomes?

Oil Incomes is an alleged investment company that invest in Oil,Gas and Shares. The website looks very real and professionally done. I am sure that it was created by a very good creator and maybe has a good reputation. But I am thinking that this website is a complete FAKE!


The plans they offer sound fantastic!! And they would be if they actually paid out. But as of right now my friend has not seen a dime of his money. He invested $1000 and should have received a profit of $2500 after 3 days. But guess what that did not happen.

What processors does Oil Incomes use?

This is what I thought was a little strange, Oil Incomes uses 6 different processors including PAYPAL. Now what i can’t understand is why Paypal would accept this company when they know it’s a high risk business model? So I figured maybe this site is legit if paypal trust them why wouldn’t I. The other processors they use is PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, OK Pay, Payeer and Neteller.


Oil Incomes Visa Card

Oil Incomes also offers a Visa card they claim you can use to keep your earning on. But the thing is they do not fund the card right away! The claim is that they exchange funds at the time of any transaction and not before. So my first thought was if you get this card and try to use it what guarantee do you have that they will actually fund the card when you need it? Also you cannot get the card unless you deposit $1000 or more and then you become a “VIP member”.


This card certainly looks real, but I have my doubts.

What are the HYIP monitors saying about Oil Incomes?

Most are saying that Oil Incomes is paying but I am trying to figure out how they know this. Because this company is less than a month old. I can’t even get my $50.00 commission from referrals from them.


What about the welcome video?

When you first see the website for Oil Incomes you will see the welcome video explaining what they do at Oil Incomes. I have put this video below so you can see for yourself. The first thing I noticed was the spokesman in this video, he looked real familiar to me so I did some checking and he has been on a few videos for other scam sites.

My opinion of Oil Incomes

Oil Incomes in my opinion is well built and professional looking website and they do a damn good job making you believe it is real. But I do think that the website is FAKE and the whole thing is a scam. Once you make your deposit and you request a withdrawal you well get an email stating that your request has been sent, and that’s the last time your hear anything from them. You can kiss your money goodbye from that point on.


Update on Oil Incomes!

I just realized that the owner of Oil Incomes scam is also the owner of Oilfmltd.com which is also a scam. So be warned about both of these investing sites as they do not pay and will take your money and run! The owner of these sites is Marc Feldman!!!

There is one place you can invest your money safely.

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Cheers, Jim

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