Paidverts-What its all about.

PaidVerts is a website dedicated to paying it’s customers a small fee per click on an advertisement the owner has already been paid for or will be paid for per click. When a user signs up to a website like paidverts they are expected to start earning money simply by clicking website advertisements. The only downside as a member of these websites is that you must purchase membership programs to earn a descent amount. Most users generally use multiple websites of the same variety to make a living. The owners are generally hesitant to becoming legit because most users will generally get a refund as soon as they get paid. This allows the user to get paid and get a refund of the membership, this will hurt the websites and is why most companies like this will rarely be legit. Let’s review this website in detail to show you if it’s a scam or a scheme.

Name: PaidVerts
Type: PTC website
Price: Free To join
Upsells: yes
Rating: 32/100

What is PaidVerts all about?

Paidverts is all about clicking advertisements and getting paid to do so. Most of these websites only pay a penny or two per click and the website owner will get paid around 5-10 cents per click. They profit amazing per click that they pay you, with all that said some of these website will offer you a few dollars per click and this is impossible to pay out. These are generally scam websites and should never be trusted. With this website it only offers a few pennies and it’ll be a while before you cashout.

paidverts ads

How is the support on Paidverts?

The support on paidverts is your average run of the mill ticket support system that will be answered within 24 hours of ticket submission. The ticket support system on a growing company is generally the cheapest form of support you can offer and proves you don’t want to invest money into your own company. I’ve seen website that don’t sell products have a support system just to navigate through the website easily.

How is the referral program on PaidVerts?

Their referral program offers a 1 tier referral program and offers 10% of whatever the person you refer buys in advertisements and 5% of whatever they make from viewing advertisements. This system is nice, but without an ML tier program you are stuck just referring people until you get enough people to hope to let it ride in payments.  Please note that most of the time 1 tier systems are way more valuable to those that own a website and are wanting to get people to be referred to that particular website and most of the time the people you refer will not refer other people unless they have a valuable streamline of people on hand to refer.paidverts ads

What I like about PaidVerts

I do like the fact that PaidVerts shows exactly how much you are getting paid for the advertisements per click and how much in-depth you will get paid per each referral and which pays more(IE: People wanting to advertise are better referrals). This website has all been up for some time now and has earned it’s trust in the PTC community mostly, but still can be considered low trusted from most reviews shown on other websites. This website is also one of the few that doesn’t have a paid membership program which can be a pro and a con for most users.

What I don’t like about PaidVerts

In general I don’t like most of the setup to where it looks so plain and doesn’t have much to go on. When searching for information on the website, you literally are going to do some research about it. Most website have it front and center what they will be paying you and why they pay you said fee. Either way all in all I rarely will ever recommend a PTC website as most of them are sketchy and iffy about paying customers, they pay a select amount per month to be considered legit.

Final thoughts about PaidVerts

A PTC(Pay to Click) website is never the best source of income unless in a third world country. Most of the time you can earn money just by running your own website and having advertisements on it. Please be cautious when using any PTC website as some of them are just scams and some of them may just even steal your credit card number. Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the PTC website PaidVerts.