Panda Research-Get Paid Good for Taking Surveys

You have probably heard about getting paid for taking surveys before and to be honest they probably don’t pay much or they don’t pay at all. Well I discovered a website that not only pays pretty well but it offers more than one way to earn money on their website. 

Name: Panda Research


Affiliate program: Yes

Cost: Free

Support System: Yes-Ticket submission

Updated verdict: Scam of sorts

What is Panda Research?

Panda Research is a survey website where people like you and me can earn a fair amount of money just by taking surveys that are offered by the companies that are using Panda Research to get needed info about their products and services. You can also make money just by confirming emails that are sent to you on a regular basis.panda-research-offers

How do Panda Research surveys work?

When you sign up you will be asked to verify your account by receiving a phone call with a 4 digit verification code, this only takes about 2 minutes and your done.Then you can begin to choose the surveys that appeal to you. Above is a sample of what kind of surveys you will be able to take and how much they pay. After you are done and have followed the instructions the amount will be put into your account waiting for approval from the company whose survey you took. Once approved that money will be available to you for withdrawl.


Does it cost anything to take a survey on Panda Research?

There are some surveys that require you to join a program and that my cost you something and there are a lot that are totally free. Usually the higher paying surveys are the ones that you may have to spend a little money to complete the survey. You MUST complete the entire survey according to the instructions in order to get paid for that survey.

How does the affiliate program work with Panda Research?

The Panda Research affiliate program is very basic. All You have to is refer a friend and you get 10% of their offered earnings for life. For example if your friend Bob completes $40 in Panda offers and $10 in Panda mails you will automatically be credited $4.00 in your account for Bob’s $40 Panda offer completions. For more information on how this works you can click here for the FAQ page on Panda Research.


How does Panda Research pay its members?

The payout threshold is $50.00 with Panda Research. Once you reach that threshold the the “Get Paid” button will be activated in your account status page. You click that button and Panda Research will send the money to you via Paypal. The payout dates are on the 1st and 15th of every month.

How many accounts can a person have with Panda Research?

Unfortunately you are only allowed one account per person. I am sure this is to eliminate any chance of fraud by the people who want to sign up. Panda Research does random verifications to keep the frauds out.

Is there an eligibility requirement with Panda Research?

Yes there are few requirements that you must meet in order to get paid by Panda Research.

  1. Minimum age is 18
  2. A person must be a U.S. resident
  3. The information you give for your account must be valid, email address and etc.
  4. No proxy servers are allowed.
  5. Turn off any website accelerators you may have running.

The things I like about Panda Research.

I like that Panda Research has a strict no fraud policy and takes steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen. I also like that they use Paypal as their form of paying their clients.This site is easy to navigate and easy to use if you just follow the instructions that are given to you for each survey.

What I don’t like about Panda Research.

The only I don’t like and it’s probably not a big deal, is the fact that some of the surveys you have to spend some money in order to complete it. Other than that it is a good program to work at if you have time and patience to do so. Update: I just did a little more research on this program and found out that you need to refer 5 people before your earnings come off the pending list and onto the verified list. In other words you won’t get paid anything until you refer 5 friends. I am not happy at all about this.

My final thoughts on Panda Research.

I think this is a scam of sorts when a website puts in very small print that you need to refer 5 people before you can collect any money at all is what I call a bit underhanded.

I think this could be a good program for anyone to join and possibly make a fair amount of money every day. If this is something you may want to try just click the banner below and you will be taken to the website and sign up and create your account for free today.


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