Passive Wealth Booster – Just Another Scam?

  • Name: Passive Wealth Booster
  • Website:
  • Launch Date: October 22, 2016
  • Secure website: Yes
  • Alexa Rank: 177,017
  • Owner: Internet Marketing Solutions

What is Passive Wealth Booster?

Passive Wealth Booster is what is known as a forced straight line cycler. What that means is that for each position you purchase it will allow you to upgrade to the next level booster. But you must purchase them in order you cannot skip over a level. There are 3 booster plans that you can purchase. One position can earn you $505 with one position in each booster.



How does Passive Wealth Booster Work?

he Booster Lines have been designed in a way to help all the existing as well as the new members after lot of thought by the admin team. Existing members will see lot of cycling happening from the original Lines

There are 3 Booster lines, Booster 1, Booster 2 and Booster 3. Booster 1, Booster 2 and Booster 3 lines will all be available for purchase when we launch.

People can purchase only one position at a time.

Please note that in order to purchase a Booster 2, you must have to purchase at least one Booster 1 position and in order to purchase a Booster 3, you must have to purchase at least one Booster 2 position. So everyone has to start from Booster 1 even if they think of purchasing in the higher lines.

If you want to purchase only a Booster 1 you need $20 in your available balance- $20 is the cost of Booster 1. You can purchase as many $20 positions of Booster 1 as you like but the positions can be purchased only one at a time.

If you want to purchase a Booster 1 and a Booster 2, you need $70 in your available balance- $20 for the cost of Booster 1 and $50 for the cost of Booster 2.

If you want to purchase a Booster 1, Booster 2 and a Booster 3, you need $170 in your available balance- $20 for the cost of Booster 1, $50 for the cost of Booster 2 and $100 for the cost of Booster 3.

The advantage of purchasing in the higher lines is that you have different positions in different lines and you can cycle all those multiple positions which will earn you thousands of dollars. Each position cycles and gives you a total of $505.

You also earn a $50 matching bonus for every downline of yours that cycles a position in the system. So if your downline cycles 3 positions you earn $150 as matching bonus from their positions from one downline itself.

You also earn a direct 10% Ref Commission for every position that your downline purchases in the system. For example if your downline purchases one Booster 1, one Booster 2 and one Booster 3, the total purchase will be $170 out of which $17 will be credited to your cash wallet. so 10% of the total purchase will be credited to your wallet.


How long does it take to cycle?

This all depends on how many positions are purchased and where you started in line with your first deposit. There is no set time frame for cycling in Passive Wealth Booster. There are some that have gotten paid the next day after launch.


This is just one of the payment proofs from Passive Wealth Booster. They are owned by a company called Internet Marketing Solutions. This payment was made the day after launch and I for one thought that this very impressive.

Is referring people required?

Although Passive Wealth Booster has a good affiliate program that pays 10% commission, referring people is not a requirement in order to make money it is just a way to make a little more money. Who wouldn’t like 10% more money on top of their earnings? The only requirement is that you purchase at least one position in the cycler and just wait for your money to arrive.


Is there any other fees that I need to pay?

There is a one time membership fee of $5.00 once you have paid this fee you can purchase your positions and begin to make money without really doing anything. There are however training videos you can use to build a website or blog to help you promote Passive Wealth Booster if you choose to do so.


Now for the bad news about Passive Wealth Booster.

After I have bought my positions it appears that only some people get paid and then the cycler comes to a stop. I check on the progress of my position and I noticed that some positions are skipped as if they have been paid before me even though they purchased positions after me. There is something very fishy about this and I do believe that I have been scammed out of $170. It appears that you get paid only if you know the admin or you are part of the scam! If you look closely at this screenshot you will notice that numbers have been skipped because they have been paid, and this list has remained the same for the past week no body has moved up on this list. What that tells me is that they have no intention of paying anyone anything.



Stay away from this program it appears to be a ponzi scheme or at the very least an out right scam. If anything changes I will update this review so be sure to check back often.