Pay Me Forward-Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

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Pay Me Forward is a new website that I found while using Google plus. At the time of this review this program hasn’t even launched as of yet. But I joined for free and I think I have the idea of this money making program, as you will see in the following review.

Name: Pay Me Forward


Price: Free to Join

Owner: Unknown

Rating: TBD

Launch Date: July of 2015

What is Pay Me Forward?

Pay Me Forward is a money program that relies on building downlines where you get paid directly from the people you refer to their system. It is a 2 X 2 matrix. In other words you need to refer 2 people to their system and they need to refer 2 people to their system and so on. So this is what I would call a MLM scheme or a pyramid me forward matrix

This graphic above shows how 6 people make up one team. When that is full you can restart another team and hopefully you can fill another team. There is one requirement that you need to complete after joining and that is you need to refer 2 people to their system or you could be ousted from the program. pay me forward requirements


How Does Pay Me Forward work?

The way Pay Me Forward works is pretty much the same as any other mlm marketing scheme, you need to get people under you. One person is only allowed 2 people under them and so on until you get a total of 6 people in one team. The bottom 4 people will send you $25 each making a total of $100. There are higher paying products you can purchase and of course the more you spend the more you make.

pay me forward product levels


Does Pay Me Forward have training?

The only training that Pay Me Forward provides is 8 videos showing you how to promote their product on Facebook. And quite frankly I am not sure that this would even work. Facebook is very fickle about promoting schemes like this one and you could get yourself in trouble with them if you do something against their policies.

pay me forward training

How much do I have to spend to make money with Pay Me Forward?

To make $100 you need to invest $25 plus a one time $10 administration fee. I am not sure what the $10 is for at this point. And there is no guarantee that you are going to make any money. The fact that you have to wait until you get 6 people under you before you get paid raises some questions for me.

What is the compensation plan of Pay Me Forward?

There is a very short video that explains the compensation plan. I have it posted below and you can see what is involved with the payment plan.

What kind of support does Pay Me Forward have?

The only support that I have seen is a live chat or forum type of support system and that seems to work just fine. But as far as technical support goes I really haven’t seen any on the Pay Me Forward website.

What I like about Pay Me Forward.

I like the fact that you don’t need an assload of people under you to make money. Because let’s face it most people do not trust MLM sites, and it is very difficult to get people to sign up for them.

What I don’t like about Pay Me Forward.

  • Not much in the way of support.
  • You have to wait for 6 people to join under you before getting paid.
  • I am not sure where the other money goes while you are waiting.

My final opinion of Pay Me Forward.

I can not call Pay Me forward a scam but it is definitely a pyramid or MLM scheme. I am not a fan of these types of schemes. I can’t say you won’t make money with this program because there is a possibility it will work. That is if you are willing to take that risk.

Cheers, Jim