2 thoughts on “Pay Me Forward-Is it a Pyramid Scheme?”

  • Marlin Julson

    I have been in PayMeForward from the beginning and it is not a scam. I have been paid by several people with payments made directly to my processor of choosing. About as legitimate as it gets with even a text message to let you know you have to confirm the payment by checking your payment processor to see the money cleared your account. My team has a pif sign up list. If you want to be paid into this program at $0 cost to you, then get with me on facebook so I can get you to the group page. or email me, DO NOT sign up on site. unless otherwise pay the $35 and get in cause it is a good program and far worth the $35 start. Our team is #1 in referrals and list keeps growing and so does my bank account. mdexter24

  • jimr

    I never said it was a scam but it is a pyramid or MLM system that I am not a big fan of.

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