Pays Forever-Another Pyramid Scheme


Owner: Unknown

License: No

Incorporated: No

System: Pyramid Scheme

Rating: 20/100

Price: $39 one time fee

What is Pays Forever?

Pays Forever is nothing but a pyramid scheme. And they don’t even pretend to hide that fact. When you sign up you pay $39. This is broken down like this $20 goes to your referrer and $19 is for what they call “administrative fees”. Im not exactly sure what that entails as there is no support or training provided.



What products are there to promote?

There are NO products to sell with Pays Forever. Your job right from the get go is to sell memberships to the site. When you sign up your first referral you get the $20 that your referral has paid to you directly. This will get you qualified to set up what is called a “profit line”. The image below will show you how this works.


Is Pays Forever a scam?

I wouldn’t call Pays Forever a “scam” but I would call it a pyramid scheme and that don’t even try to hide it!! Before joining this site I would make sure that you have enough people that will join under you in order for you to make any money at all. But the truth is most people are very wary of schemes like this and can easily recognize this type of pyramid scheme and tend to stay away from them.

What do I have to do to make money with Pays Forever?

Like I stated above the only thing that is required is to refer people to the website and get them to sign up, that is the ONLY WAY you will make money with this type of system.pays-forever-membership

What I like about Pays Forever.

I like the fact they are very upfront with you right from the start. They do not offer any products and pretty much tell you that this is indeed a pyramid scheme. Whether this is legal or not I am not sure. If I had to guess I would say that it is illegal.

What I don’t like.

Just the fact that this a pyramid scheme is enough for me not to like this. The other thing is that it is very difficult to get anyone to join schemes like this because 99% of the time they dont make anyone any money except for the website owner, and I am sure that the $19 he collects goes right into his pocket without having to refer anyone anywhere.

My final thoughts on Pays Forever.

I would not advise anyone to join this type of scheme just for the fact that it is usually very difficult to get people to sign up under you. If you do wish to sign up “GOOD LUCK” and I hope that you can make some money with this. For myself I think I am going to pass on this one and stick with the website that I know is making me money right now.

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Cheers, Jim

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